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EXCLUSIVE: TSK Obtains the Offseason Schedule for the SEC Network

The SEC's channel is set to debut in August 2014 after a Tuesday announcement. But what might they show when there are no live games to air?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

With the announcement of the SEC Network reportedly scheduled for Tuesday, Team Speed Kills has exclusively obtained a memo dealing with the channel's programming. We have reprinted it below.

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Re: Project SEC

First of all, it's great that we are finally getting this thing off the ground. After Project X and Project SEC, it was becoming quite taxing on our marketing department to keep coming up with top-secret names. In any case, it's very clear what our strategy will be during months when football, basketball and even baseball are going on: Live games. But it's less clear what we plan to do in the other months, when we don't have any games.

With that in mind, we have worked with our member schools to come up with some proposed programming for two hours of primetime each night of the week. If nothing else works out at 10 p.m. ET, we can always just follow CNN's program and replay some show that no one watches in the first place.


8 p.m. ET: The Walking Dead, starring Mark Stoops
9 p.m. ET: Top Gear, with Bobby Petrino
9 p.m. ET: Arkansas' Book of Secrets, hosted by Bret Bielema


8 p.m. ET: Dynasty, starring Nick Saban
9 p.m. ET: S#&* My Coach Says, starring Steve Spurrier


8 p.m. ET: Weed Wars, with Gus Malzahn
9 p.m. ET: Anger Management, starring Will Muschamp


8 p.m. ET: Minute to Win It, hosted by Les Miles
9 p.m. ET: Fight Quest, hosted by James Franklin


8 p.m. ET: Two and a Half Mascots, starring Hugh Freeze
9 p.m. ET: Survivor, with Mark Richt


8 p.m. ET: Last Man Standing, starring Butch Jones
9 p.m. ET: East Meets West, hosted by Gary Pinkel


8 p.m. ET: Person of Self-Interest, starring Dan Mullen
9 p.m. ET: Raising Hope, starring Kevin Sumlin

Oh, and we've heard that Jon Gruden might be interested in doing a show for Tennessee, but nothing final yet ...