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Year2's Week 14 Picks

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One more big round of picks before putting a bow on the season next week.

Kevin C. Cox

Last week: 7-1 straight up, 4-1 against the spread

Season: 88-14 straight up, 49-36-2 against the spread

As always, these lines come from the Yahoo! pick 'em game.

LSU (-25) over Arkansas 30-10

I have no doubt that the Tigers will win this one comfortably, but this line seems to be too high for this series. Arkansas usually finds a way to keep it close. Well, close-ish in this case.

Florida State (-27.5) over Florida 34-10

I don't know why, but I think UF will somehow cover this line. Well, rather than giving the credit to Florida, it's more like FSU will shut things down relatively early to keep fresh for the ACC title game in a week. I am sad to say it, but FSU has bigger fish to fry.

Vanderbilt (-14) over Wake Forest 24-17

This is a hunch. That's it. I don't have any great feeling on this game, to be perfectly honest.

Alabama (-10.5) over Auburn 38-34

I really want Gus Malzahn to take down Nick Saban because I'm a sucker for exciting offense over punishing defense, but you and I both know how this is going to end.

Georgia Tech (+3) over Georgia 48-45

I don't feel especially good about this pick, but my faith in Georgia's defense is just not that strong. Perhaps I am just scarred after seeing my team fall to the triple option, but I see the Jackets outscoring the Bulldogs here.

Tennessee (-4) over Kentucky 29-13

This Kentucky team just needs to be put out of its misery.

South Carolina (-5) over Clemson 34-31

I think these teams are about evenly matched, so I'll go with the rule of thumb on home field advantage and give it to the Gamecocks by three.

Missouri (-4) over Texas A&M 40-31

As much as I'd like to see Steve Spurrier get another shot at an SEC championship, but it's not going to happen this year.