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Arkansas Razorbacks vs. LSU Tigers Preview: Hogs Look to Party Like It's 2007

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The hopes for an upset are relatively small in this one, but will the unpredictably of the Battle for the Boot give the Hogs a chance?

Wesley Hitt

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. LSU Tigers, 2:30 p.m. ET, CBS

The year was 2007, and LSU was riding high. The Tigers were the No. 1 team in the land and needed to win their final regular-season game against Arkansas and then the SEC Championship Game to glide into the BCS title bout and take home the crystal football. The Razorbacks were unranked, but were 7-4 -- still, this was LSU's game to lose.

Of course, they did, a loss that almost cost the Bayou Bengals a chance at the national championship and seemed to prove once and for all that you can't spell "Les Miles" without two Ls. And it proved that this can always be a trickier game than you might think for the favored team. (That said, it helps when the underdog has Darren McFadden.)

This year, LSU is not the No. 1 team in the nation. At this point, about the best the Tigers can expect is a berth in the Cotton Bowl. But the gap might be even more yawning than it was in 2007, with Arkansas turning in one underwhelming game after underwhelming game during an eight-game losing streak that features two games where Arkansas lost by one score or less. A few of those defeats cannot even charitably be called competitive.

Basically, Arkansas can run the ball. That's about it. The Razorbacks are not good in the passing game and not good at defending much of anything. If they lose on Friday, the Hogs will end up 3-9, something that even the most pessimistic of predictors wouldn't have guessed.

And that's where LSU comes in. You would think the Bayou Bengals would have been able to get more out of their talent this year, but talent they have -- particularly in the form of one of the better offenses during Miles' tenure at Tiger Stadium. Two of LSU's three losses have come by a field goal. Arkansas might be able to make this game competitive for a while, but this is not 2007.

LSU 41, Arkansas 28