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SEC Blitz, Week 5

Blitzing around the SEC to bring you the best news and notes from the conference.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images
Roll Bama Roll

Assessments of where each program stands today.

Arkansas Expats

Arkansas's "season in limbo" coaching staff fixed the chronically bad run defense, and all it took was to make the whole scheme fall apart.

College and Magnolia

The Tigers play Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Texas A&M. Auburn will either get back on track or go up in flames.

Alligator Army

Florida actually had short yardage success for the first time this year. Here's how it happened.

Dawg Sports

So far, so good. The Georgia Bulldogs are 4-0 on the young college football season and are about to get some key players back from suspension. Just how good should fans feel about Mark Richt's team?

A Sea of Blue

A FanShot on the site has an amazing idea for catching UK up in the SEC facilities race. Don't miss it.

And the Valley Shook

An attempt at making sense of LSU's close win over Auburn and what it means for the season.

Red Cup Rebellion

The headline might seem like a lot coming from a blog of a team which went just 2-10 last year, but the Rebels looked lethargic, lost, and largely unmotivated for three quarters of football.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

ESPNU aired "SEC Storied: Croom" on Tuesday night. Here are the highlights and lowlights.

Rock M Nation

Offensive line and special teams are big concerns for this year's Missouri team.

Garnet and Black Attack

Don't worry. The Ol' Ball Coach doesn't have a rare dermatological condition, but he did mix in a pair of new plays against the Missouri Tigers that paid big dividends.

Rocky Top Talk

In order to figure out what we're expecting from Derek Dooley's performance the rest of the 2012 season, we need to figure out the right question to ask.

Good Bull Hunting

This is the only preview you need to read for Arkansas vs. Texas A&M. Except for ours.

Anchor of Gold

Vanderbilt crumbled between the hedges Saturday night, getting dropped in a 48-3 beatdown by a charged up Georgia team. So was the cause a fired-up Bulldog squad, or are we seeing some regression in Nashville despite an influx of new talent?