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Cupcake Wars: Bulls and Eagles and Lion-Wolfs, Oh My!

Yeah, he's still in orange.
Yeah, he's still in orange.

Cupcakes. Everybody plays them. But we don't want to give anybody credit for doing so. That's why we're lumping them all into one small post and giving you a fun fact about any bad midmajors or FCS teams playing SEC teams each week. Call it our silent, and likely futile, protest. All games are Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Buffalo at Georgia, 12 p.m. ET, SEC Network: There was a time people thought Turner Gill's success in Upstate New York meant he should be head coach at Auburn. Really. I was one of them. That's about all I've got. This is Upstate New York we're talking about. Georgia 42, Buffalo 10

Bowling Green at Florida, 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN: Urban Meyer used to coach both of these schools, though that's rapidly beginning to lose its value as a distinct characteristic. Bowling Green is currently coached by Dave Clawson. Remember him? Florida 35, Bowling Green 14

North Texas at LSU, 7 p.m., ESPNU:

The Green Brigade plays "Glory to the Green" after each game. The crowd, with Eagle Claws extended overhead, sings along:

Singing glory to the green, singing glory to the white,
For we know our university is striving for the right;
Down the corridor of years, we'll forget the joys and tears,
But North Texas, North Texas, we love!

Good for them. LSU 52, North Texas 10

Central Arkansas at Ole Miss, 7 p.m. ET, PPV / ESPN3: Central Arkansas also has a bear for their mascot. But no Rebel. Ole Miss 34, Central Arkansas 20

Jackson State at Mississippi State, 7 p.m., FSN: Jackson State -- not to be confused with Jacksonville State -- was the alma mater of Walter Payton. Mississippi State 48, Jackson State 14

Jacksonville State at Arkansas, 7 p.m. ET, PPV / ESPN3: Jacksonville State -- not to be confused with Jackson State -- is to my knowledge the only Division I team outside of South Carolina to use the Gamecock as a mascot. Which means Arkansas should easily win this one. Arkansas 54, Jackson State 20

Southeastern Louisiana at Missouri, 7 p.m. ET, PPV / ESPN3: The Lions have lapped Auburn and Ole Miss for mascot confusion:

The name of Southeastern's mascot -- believe it or not -- was initially Lobo and was selected by a panel of judges in 1964. As you can imagine, the name Lobo (spanish for wolf) failed to gain popularity and shortly thereafter the name was changed. [Emphasis added]

So it was a lion. Named "wolf." Why wouldn't that be popular? Missouri 45, Southeastern Lousiana 12