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Sprints Is Unshackling the League's Video Boards // 08.28.12

Bruce Pearl was one of several ex-Tennessee employees still drawing a paycheck last year.
Bruce Pearl was one of several ex-Tennessee employees still drawing a paycheck last year.

Isaac is almost a hurricane.

The most awful part of this is not likely to be the wind, even though it will probably officially be a hurricane when it hits. It's the torrents of rain from this large and slow moving storm that have the potential to do the worst. Please finalize your preparations, hunker down, and stay safe, y'all.

A statement from LSU.

LSU is still planning on holding its game this weekend, but obviously the school is watching Isaac closely. The center of the storm is projected to be over Illinois on Saturday evening, so only residual damage of some sort would be capable of canceling or postponing the game.

LA Tech is also watching the storm, and its game with Texas A&M is still on.

Why did this have to be changed in the first place?

I actually did not know that the one-replay-per-play rule was a conference regulation, but anyway, it's dead for this year. Video boards can now show as many replays as they want to. Take it away, boss:

"The change in policy will allow our fans to see more of the action, including great plays and close calls," said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. "Fans in the stadium now can see many of the same views of a play seen by fans watching on television. This should add to the overall game experience for fans inside our stadiums."

I always thought that it was a rule that individual stadiums had so that if the refs blew an obvious replay call, fans drunk on rageahol would't storm the field to take matters into their own hands after watching the play 12 times in a row. Or something like that.

Also changing is the rule that prohibited bands from being amplified. In addition, bands will be able to play until the center hunches over the ball instead of when the team breaks the huddle. Given that no huddle systems are becoming more and more popular, this kind of rule makes more sense.

Tennessee bled some cash last year.

Big Orange was almost $4 million in the red last year, and the athletic department felt the need to go over why in plenty of detail. Here is a more readable summary, which includes this spectacular line:

Last year, UT was paying two football coaches, three basketball coaches, two athletic directors and two baseball coaches.

Yeah, that's going to help you incur a deficit.

He's taking a literal definition of "quarterback".

Will Muschamp announced that Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett will each play a quarter in the first half of the season opener against Bowling Green, and then he and OC Brent Pease will decide at halftime who plays after the break. That's a totally solid plan that couldn't possibly have any downsides.

Too bad.

Despite his hard work rehabbing, Missouri RB Henry Josey will miss the 2012 season due to his "one-in-a-million" knee injury from a year ago. Get well soon.

Spoiler alert!

Brian Fremeau of Football Outsiders fame has posted his projected win expectations for this weekend, if you feel like ruining all of the suspense.

The Steelebot approves of Mr. Freeze

Phil Steele has given his thoughts on all of the new coaches in I-A football. He's high on Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss but is not sure what to make of Kevin Sumlin's chances this year.

Bowl Predictions, Part I

Jason Kirk has published the official bowl projections. He has LSU playing Oregon in the national championship game and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Bowl Predictions, Part II

Stewart Mandel has published the official bowl projections. He too has LSU and Oregon in the national championship game. Geez, follow the leader much, guys?