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Sprints is Keeping a Wary Eye on the Gulf // 08.27.12


via the National Hurricane Center

Yes, we're very excited about this finally being game week, but we can't help but be concerned about this storm called Isaac headed for the Gulf Coast. As of right now, it's having trouble getting organized, is still a tropical storm, and is expected to be only a category 1 hurricane when it hits. That said, it's still going to be plenty dangerous with a storm surge potentially as high as 6-12 feet and sustained, drenching rains.

Be safe out there, and get your preparations done now.

No schedule disruptions yet.

I've seen some concern expressed on Twitter that the Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech game on Thursday could get moved or cancelled if Shreveport has to play a major role as a shelter for people evacuating from New Orleans. The current predicted track also appears to have the storm's center just to the east of the city right as the game is supposed to start, which could impact transportation options. As of right now, the game is still going set to go as planned, but it's something we'll be watching through the week.

One last mystery to be solved.

Florida is about the only team left that doesn't have a depth chart set, but Will Muschamp has said he'll finally reveal it today. Everyone wants to see who ends up the starter at quarterback between Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel, but don't get too excited over it. The Gator boss said last Friday that both will see significant time in the opener against Bowling Green.

Either he actually doesn't know who he wants as his guy, or he does know and really doesn't want the other one to entertain ideas about transferring. Given the mess of inexperience and a general lack of recruiting stars behind those two, I lean towards the latter myself.

Adding another level of uncertainty.

Gene Chizik suspended Reese Dismukes following the center's arrest for public intoxication. Dismukes was one of the few experienced guys on the line, which means Tunde Fariyike will get the start against Clemson. Of course given how banged up and thin the line is at Auburn With a Lake, any more stuff like this might cause the teams to just switch the game to a 7-on-7 format.

Well, at least he's staying in state.

Indefinitely suspended Vol WR Da'Rick Rogers won't be leaving the state, it seems, as he's expected to land at Tennessee Tech.

One more season preview.

Senator Blutarsky's "Not your regular SEC preseason predictions" post is out, and it's a great summary of the season that is nowhere near as arduous to work through as some of the rather verbose entries around here.