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Sprints Was Almost Taken in the NFL Draft Before the First B1G Player // 04.27.12

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You should recognize a lot of these players.
You should recognize a lot of these players.

Earlier on TSK: The BCS is Dead. Long Live Whatever Comes Next
The negotiations that essentially cemented a four-team playoff into place where the easy part. Now it gets more difficult.

That's pretty impressive
It wasn't hard to have a better night than the B1G in New York City on Thursday -- 22 players had already come off the board before the Up North Conference even notched its first player drafted -- but the SEC put nine players into the first 32 picks and eight in the first 18. And that's if you don't count Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, whose team is headed to the league this summer.

3. Trent Richardson (Alabama) -- Browns
6. Morris Claiborne (LSU) -- Cowboys
7. Mark Barron (Alabama) -- Buccaneers
10. Stephon Gilmore (South Carolina) -- Bills
12. Fletcher Cox (Mississippi State) -- Eagles
14. Michael Brockers (LSU) -- Rams
17. Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama) -- Bengals
18. Melvin Ingram (South Carolina) -- Chargers
25. Don'ta Hightower (Alabama) -- Patriots

The notable teams there are Alabama, with four players selected in the first round, and South Carolina. Not only did the Gamecocks tie the reigning SEC champions with two first-round selections, it was only the second time in program history that more than one South Carolina player was tabbed in the initial round.

An early end to a no-hit bid
Spencer Turnbull was spinning a no-hitter through seven innings for Alabama when severe weather forced a delay in the Tide's game at South Carolina. The game, which was tied at 0-0, will start again at 5 p.m. ET and they'll try to play the second game of the series as well.

It's going to be a long year in Mississippi
How do you know? Well, first of all, there are no more than six players on each side of the ball that the coaches feel can compete in the SEC. And then there's this quote from new coach Hugh Freeze.

In Year 1 the reasonable expectations for anyone to expect from us is to compete passionately for 60 minutes and see what the scoreboard says. That's the only goal I'll talk about with our kids, with our fans with anyone else. That's the only expectation I'll have.

Yeah, the Grove had better be worth your time this year.

It won't be a race to the Georgia Dome anymore
The Falcons are getting a new home with a retractable roof, which means that the SEC Championship Game is also getting a new home with a retractable roof.

Under that scenario, the Dome would have remained open for events that require an indoor venue, such as the SEC football championship game and college basketball’s Final Four. But after many months of talks, McKay and Poe said they now agree that one stadium with a retractable roof is the correct course to pursue.

I have no idea why the SEC Championship Game couldn't be played outdoors as easily as a Falcons game -- Atlanta's generally not that cold in early December to begin with -- but at least the option is there if it ever dawns on SEC officials that a football game is always a bit better outdoors. (HT: Rocky Top Talk)

Weber State also has an interim coach now
Funny thing -- they hired someone who was already employed by the university.

Academic proposals eased
For the most part, this is actually a better thing than it sounds like at first blush. It helps out smaller schools with fewer resources and prospects.

The vote was as fair as fair can be. We're doing it over anyway
The GameDay commercial vote is back on. You'll find no indication that there was any skullduggery in the first round. No, it was simply that "Monday's mad rush toppled the vote!" It wouldn't be quite so offensive if it didn't seem like they honestly think we're that stupid.