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Sprints Has Obviously Had Its Job Too Long to be Hired by Arkansas // 04.24.12

'Don't worry; we'll steal somebody else's coach whenever we need to.'
'Don't worry; we'll steal somebody else's coach whenever we need to.'


Earlier on TSK
Point: John L. Smith as Arkansas Interim Coach Does Make Some Sense
Counterpoint: With John L. Smith, Arkansas Goes All In With a Longshot Hand

Meanwhile, back in Ogden
It's hard to blame Arkansas or John L. Smith for the decisions they made if Jeff Long really thought for some strange reason that Smith was the right replacement. It's not like they hired someone with an ever worse track record than Petrino for effusively praising his current employer before headin--

In December, Smith, a Weber State graduate, seemed equally excited to be returning to his alma mater.

"I’ve always had a place in my heart for Weber State," said Smith.

Yeah, but that's just what you're supposed to say when you're coach of a program. Weber State is Weber State, and it's not like an FCS coach should turn down an offer in the SEC, especially as long as he hasn't said anything that doesn't make it look hypocriti--

Asked about his coaching philosophy during spring football, Smith said, "Loyalty is No. 1."

Arkansas certainly knows how to pick them.

That's an original way of thinking about it
Arkansas Expats makes the case that -- well, I'll let them tell you what Jeff Long did.

He has, essentially, done what made the most sense all along: he has promoted a staff member to the interim position, someone who knows the players and will keep the same system in place.

Sure, he could have promoted a staff member that was, you know, actually still at Arkansas to receive the promotion. But that would be a very un-Arkansas thing to do.


Something appears to be going on here
There's a contest here where you can vote to have College Gameday visit your campus. Of course, some schools have a rather large lead that we're sure is not at all an indicator of skullduggery.


Are there even 500,000 people in North Carolina who own a computer?

The Process has its perks
If you want to play in the NFL, you could do worse than playing for Nick Saban. You probably already knew this, but there are actually like numbers and stuff now to prove it.

The national champion Crimson Tide is expected to have five players drafted in the first round Thursday night, which would be only the fifth time that has happened since the common draft began in 1967.

Of course, that's assuming that you get the opportunity to play there for all four years. But we'll leave that alone for now.

Max Garcia to Florida
The Maryland offensive lineman is en route to Gainesville.

Thoughts and prayers for the Pinkel family
Gary Pinkel announced late Friday that he and his wife had separated. Here's hoping that the family can find a way forward whatever happens.

Maybe they're just not very agile
Tennessee batters have been hit 71 times this season. We're led to believe that this is part of a plan.

How different NBA eligibility rules might affect John Calipari
This is an interesting look at how "two and through" or the baseball rules might affect one of the nation's highest-profile programs. I still endorse the baseball rule, and I don't think how it might affect a coach like Cal should enter the equation, but it's not my sport.