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Sprints Didn't Know Alabama was That Kind of Crimson // 04.20.12

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'If only I could count jobs created like you guys count championships.'
'If only I could count jobs created like you guys count championships.'

C&F talks on radio under strange name
I'll be on Out of Bounds around 8:20 a.m. ET / 7:20 a.m. CT on ESPN 105.9 The Zone out of Jackson, Mississippi this morning, if you care to listen.

At least they can kind of laugh about this one
As it turns out, it was Carson Tinker's father who knocked over Alabama's crystal football. Which caps off a pretty long year for Carson Tinker, who lost his girlfriend in the Alabama tornadoes in 2011.

"In my mind, it was slow motion," Tinker said, "as it rolled off the top of the trophy case onto the table onto the floor. I'm not sure if I bumped the table when I turned around, or if my foot caught on the large tablecloth they had draped and puddled on the floor. That's exactly what happened."

It doesn't appear to be a major issue with Nick Saban. Hopefully, the Alabama fan base will follow his lead on this one.

Kenyan Communist radical made honorary member of Alabama football team
Nick Saban is obviously part of the plot to make American a socialist country or something. Ask Glenn Beck.

DeAndrew White probably okay after fight
The Alabama wideout is still in the hosptial but won't have any "long-term issues," according to Saban.

Is even the president allowed to say nice things about Alabama and Tennessee on the same day?
Pat Summitt will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A classy move by Tennessee
Summitt will also get the $1 million that would have been due to her if she had stayed through her 40th year. Given the fact that she didn't really want to retire, it seems appropriate.

Did Bobby Petrino ever really stop lying?
According to Jeff Long's notes from the Bobby Petrino investigation, the former Arkansas coach tried to portray a relationship with Jessica Dorrell that ended in February. Which would be mighty convenient, because that would be before Petrino hired her to work in the football program and before the crash that sent Petrino's world spiraling out of control. Also, as Long's notes point out, it makes almost no sense.

The notes suggest Long was skeptical that the affair was truly over, as Petrino has claimed, asking in his notes, "If the relationship was over, why get on (the) bike?"

"Why would she say she expected the relationship to continue if the motorcrash didn't occur," Long also wrote down as one of his questions for the coach. No answer was listed for either in the notes.

My guess as to why no answer was listed is because there was none. it's not an original thought to point out that, throughout this mess, Petrino did not ever tell the truth until he was left with no other option. He appears to have continued that pattern up until his last day on the job.

(Also, some of the money that Petrino gave Dorrell eventually went to wedding expenses. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THESE TWO PEOPLE?)

Steve Spurrier's division game idea is not an original
Before pouring cold water on the idea of only counting divisional games in the standings for the SEC East and West, Slive noted that Steve Spurrier was not the first person to float the idea. Now, to the cold water.

"We certainly can discuss it, but an SEC football game is an SEC football game," Slive said today after speaking at the Hoover Chamber of Commerce. "Sitting here first blush without a lot of thought, it would be very hard to decide some games are more valuable than other games."

Which is really the main problem with the proposal. Of course, there are still the scheduling strength issues to deal with -- but someone from the East besides Vanderbilt has to play Ole Miss at the end of the day.

Will Muschamp =/= Bo Ryan
In fact, while more roster attrition can hardly be welcome news among Florida fans, Muschamp's attitude toward transfers is actually somewhat refreshing.

Generally, in all situations, you try to accommodate the players as much as you can.

And while I'm a fan of this approach as compared to the Derek Dooley school of thought, I will point out that many of us who slam the practice of oversigning and then "cutting" players turn around and defend players who want to transfer before their four years is up. And while I'm a supporter of moving everyone to a four-year scholarship, shouldn't that be a two-way street?

Muschamp hearts Meyer
The current Florida coach supported the former Florida coach as the story that will not go away continued. So what did Will Muschamp think of the Urban Meyer article by Sporting News?

"I think Urban Meyer did a great job at the University of Florida,'' Muschamp said. "He won two conference championships. He won two national championships. And I don’t know how you can do that without discipline. That’s my opinion. I wasn’t here at that time, but I know that I am very proud to be part of a program that he was a part of, and he did a great job at Florida.''

Muschamp didn't specifically deny anything in the SN piece -- as he pointed out, he's really not in any position to do so -- but we can hope that the response means we get back to talking about current and future SEC football news. Right?

Will someone in college football please stop this madness?

Offered without comment

After all, the Bulldogs will be playing on a 60-yard field Saturday because of the stage setup for the Sugarland concert after the game.

This is one of the reasons that people don't like the BCS
I should be one of Bill Hancock's fans. I am a dedicated opponent of any large playoff and still hesitant about even a four-team tournament. But then the BCS executive director goes and says something so arrogant that it's almost like he's trying to help the ginormous playoff crowd.

The biggest disconnect with the fans is they don't get how important the regular season is.

The problem is not the BCS, it's us. We just don't understand college football. Bill, the fans are sort of an important component of any sport's success. College football and the BCS are supposed to be for the fans, not the other way around.