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Sprints is Celebrating Opposite Day in Oxford // 04.14.11

A quarterback is actually transferring out of Ole Miss

Nathan Stanley, who was originally supposed to start in 2010 before getting Jeremiah Masoli'd, is leaving Oxford. The Red Cup Rebellion folk have the analysis of what it means to the program. Jokes about Houston Nutt and quarterback development would go here.

We all should have been investing in bronze

A few days after Florida unveiled statues of its Heisman Trophy winners, Auburn has announced that it will do the same for its three stiff arm trophy winners: Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton. AU will also have a bust of John Heisman himself, as he coached on the Plains in the 1890s. No word yet on whether the statue gets to stay if Newton has to give his back Reggie Bush-style.

The BCS will respond with the same talking points you've always heard

At 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN, the BCS will have a response to the letter that 21 economics and law professors sent to the DOJ requesting an antitrust investigation. ESPN's legal eagle Lester Munson thinks the BCS has a poor shot at surviving a lawsuit because it holds a monopoly over the college football championship, but doesn't someone have a monopoly over every sports championship?

A tale of triumph

Baron Batch was a running back at Texas Tech, so this isn't strictly SEC-related news. However, take some time to read his story. It's a pretty incredible one.

Say hi to the new guy

Tony Barnhart interviewed the SEC's newest head coach Will Muschamp and subsequently wrote a profile on him. If you know Barnhart's writing, you know what you're going to get here. The best line in it is actually the last one. After saying his team didn't get as much done in spring practice as he wanted, Muschamp deadpanned, "you know what? Nobody is going to feel sorry for the Gators."

Pucker up

Les Miles kissed a pig for charity. Really.

Someone call NBC

Your morning was not as interesting as the one in Birmingham. Unless you live in Birmingham.