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Sprints Is Billing You For Those Free Tickets // 4.15.11

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The Fiesta Bowl is starting the long dig out.

The Fiesta Bowl is probably fighting for its life right now in the wake of the scandal brought along by former CEO John Junker. The worst of it from a legal standpoint was its propensity to shower politicians with gifts and donations from employees (who the bowl illegally paid back). So, the bowl is now totaling up its gift and travel expenditures and sending bills to lawmakers for the stuff they weren't allowed to give them for free.

No plans are currently in the works to help out UConn, who ate nearly $3 million in unsold tickets. The Huskies' expense report is sea of red ink.

Yes, the life coach did the firing.

We don't follow players much after they leave school, but as a No. 1 overall pick, JaMarcus Russell counts as notable. He's been fired by his life coach after showing pretty much zero motivation to get in shape to play football. I think that's fine as long as he finds something else to do in order to become a productive member of society. Perhaps he should have figured that out before the Raiders sunk tens of millions of dollars in him, but I have a hard time feeling bad for Al Davis.

Stupid Yankees

Ever hear Big Ten fans complain about SEC non-conference scheduling? Tell them to stuff it. The Big Ten schedules about as many cupcakes per team as SEC schools do.

Remember Georgia?

Thanks to being relatively quiet lately, which is not a bad change for the off season, Georgia hasn't been mentioned much around here lately. So to make up for that, here's a detailed look at the Bulldogs' spring game that's coming up tomorrow. I expect that they and South Carolina will do battle for the SEC East crown this fall. (H/T Blutarsky)

R.I.P. Coach

Former Alabama offensive coordinator (among many other stops) Homer Smith passed away recently. He was an offensive luminary across many decades of football, but from the sounds of it, he was an even better man.

It's gives you a laugh.

Former Gators Riley Cooper and Steven Wilks have been doing online videos for Will Muschamp's website, and they are pretty funny. In other UF news, its two-year-old lacrosse team has emerged as a national power already.

The transition is nearly complete.

Being around the SEC might turn New Hampshire boy Dan Mullen into a southerner yet. Next project: getting him to talk slower.