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Chaz Ramsey to Talk to NCAA Next Week

Chaz Ramsey, one of the four Auburn players who alleged they got paid to go to school on HBO, will talk to the NCAA about his claims next week. The Association previously had asked to talk to him, but he declined because Auburn lawyers wanted to be present. At the meeting next week, no one from Auburn will be there, and the information will not be given to anyone at Auburn.

Ramsey is an important part to the investigation because his time at AU falls within the NCAA's statute of limitations for investigations. Some of the older players' claims could be included anyway if the NCAA establishes a pattern of misdeeds, but that's not necessary with Ramsey.

His allegations consisted of getting money handshakes after games and being able to sell his game tickets for big money. The former is something that is no doubt commonplace everywhere, but the latter is a bigger deal. The NCAA is very sensitive about players profiting off of their status as athletes, and it's perhaps even more so now when you think about A.J. Green and the Ohio State scandal.

Stanley McClover has talked to the NCAA, but he did not names any names. Ramsey has said he didn't know who the boosters were that gave the money handshakes, but replied "I may" when asked if he was going to give any names next week.