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Alabama Finds Nothing Wrong With Brent Calloway Recruitment

According to TideSports.comAlabama's investigation of Brent Calloway's recruitment found no evidence of the improprieties alleged by publisher Jeffrey Lee.

The TideSports report identifies the mystery person who wasn't a booster of or alumnus from Alabama in Lee's report as Darren Woodruff. He is a Russellville, Alabama businessman who has had a relationship with Calloway's adopted father Harland Winston for 20 years. Winston also gave an interview with a reporter for the Florence, Alabama-based TimesDaily newspaper further refuting Lee's initial report.

This ordeal is fascinating from a media standpoint, as both and are Rivals-affiliated sites. The former, though, is run by the Tuscaloosa News while the latter has no newspaper affiliation. Because of that fact, I'm inclined to believe TideSports sources before I would AuburnSports sources. Of course, TideSports is only passing along information from someone "with direct knowledge" of Alabama's probe, so its investigative prowess is not really on the line here.

Regardless, it's looking like there wasn't much to this after all. All that's left is to hear what, if anything, Lee has to say after sorting through all of the "additional information" he received last week.