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Year2's Week 9 Picks

Last Week: 6-0

Season: 50-12

I got back on track last week after a difficult Week 7, but there weren't that many toss ups. This week, we've got only five games thanks to Alabama and LSU sitting this one out. I'm going down to Jacksonville this afternoon for the Cocktail Party, and the place I'll be staying up in Nassau County barely has cell reception much less an Internet connection. This is it for me until Monday, basically.


If this was a 30 minute game, I might give Tennessee some kind of shot. However it's a 60 minute game, and Marcus Lattimore is healthy again. The Gamecocks should pull away in the second half.

South Carolina 38, Tennessee 17


I wrote at length on this game yesterday, so go read that if you want the details. In short, the defenses are roughly even while Georgia has the better offense. Barring some kind of Jacksonville magic, Georgia should pull this one out.

Georgia 31, Florida 21


It would be really fun if Ole Miss could pull off the upset, but it's not likely to happen. Besides, Houston Nutt is not your dog. He doesn't pull off his tricks on command, but rather when no one really expects it.

Auburn 44, Ole Miss 28


Two things I know: Vanderbilt has an awful defense, and Arkansas plays its best ball at home. That should about cover things.

Arkansas 48, Vanderbilt 24


Kentucky is generally pretty good against West teams, or at least better than it is against East teams. Mississippi State's defense should be enough to pull this one out though, especially considering Derrick Locke is not making the trip. It should be a close one, but I like the Bulldogs.

Mississippi State 27, Kentucky 21