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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

No rest for the dominant: a tough road game in Columbia awaits.

2. Arkansas

I think we all can better appreciate Arkansas's close call from two weeks ago. This is a really good team.

3. Auburn

So far, so good, but now the Tigers take to the road for the second time this season. The first time, they ground out an underwhelming 17-14 win over Mississippi State.

4. South Carolina

Looked the best of any SEC East team simply by not playing.

5. LSU

It's hard to imagine an uglier 5-0.

6. Florida

A year ago the disaster was the defense no showing, but this year they had only six missed tackles compared to 22 last season. This year the disaster was reprising last year's red zone offense and turning it over. It'd be nice to see the whole team show up at once versus Alabama for a change.

7. Mississippi State

There's a huge cliff between the top half and the bottom half of the conference. I guess MSU goes here for almost beating Auburn.

8. Tennessee

It's amazing what getting a few starters back healthy can do. The Vols were much more competitive this week.

9. Ole Miss

Welcome to life above the basement, Rebels. It's more a reflection of your conference-mates than you though.

10. Kentucky

Two non-bottom feeder opponents, two losses. What else is new for the 'Cats?

11. Vanderbilt

So was the Ole Miss win a fluke, or what? I'd really like to know.

12. Georgia

I never expected to put the Bulldogs last in my power poll. Ever.