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Sprints Already Knows What Steve Addazio Will Do at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party // 10.28.10


Orlando Sentinel does Florida opponents' work for them
I know that this would all be a part of any opponents' film study in any case, but the Sentinel has really saved Steve Spurrier and Jimbo Fisher a lot of time. Not only has the paper done a breakdown of Florida's favorite play calls on each down -- that would be one thing -- but they've also provided a database of Florida play calls on their website. Somewhere, Willie Martinez is wishing they had done so last year.

On second thought, never mind. It's not like anyone doesn't know what Steve Addazio is going to do on a given play anyway.

He still has do everything that's expected of him today. Like wake up. And breathe.

When was the last time this happened?
Representatives of the Game Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl will attend the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, presumably to kill two birds with one stone. (A lot of fighting against the man in that sentence.)


Kleph has your graduation number breakdown at Roll Bama Roll
Alabama is tied for the best graduation rate in the SEC West, while Georgia has passed Florida for second in the SEC East. (I know you'll be shocked to know that Vanderbilt laps the field.)

Derek Dooley's best sound byte of the week
Not that the other contenders are particularly good for him, but Dooley got on the right side of the board with his idea for defeating South Carolina.

"(Lattimore's) just going to be arguing with his head coach on whether to run it or throw it because both of them look good," Dooley said. " 'We ought to run it, coach. Look at the film.' 'I know, but have you seen the film on throwing it?'

"What we're hoping is they start arguing a little bit about what to do."

It's hard to tell whether this is a psych-out or not on the part of Dooley. But if he's being honest, you know your team is in for a long game when your best hope is that the offense can't decide which of its good options are best.

Speaking of ...
Marcus Lattimore says he feels "100 percent now," so the arguments will have to do.

Arkansas starting defensive tackle faces pot charge
DeQuinta Jones' conversation with Fayetteville law enforcement will "certainly be addressed," according to Bobby Petrino.

Will they call it 'Cecil Newton Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium'?
Apparently, it was Cam Newton's father who was the driving force in the quarterback's decision to go to Auburn instead of Mississippi State. Not that I think Cam really minds that much at this point.

Thoughts and prayers: The family of Declan Sullivan
Sullivan was a worker in the Notre Dame video department who died after falling off a filming tower.