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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Preview: Navy, Arizona State, and a Game Worth Your Time

Last year's Fight Hunger Bowl was one of the most obviously skippable bowl games ever. This one should be better.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Saturday, 4 p.m. ET, ESPN2

Why it exists: Originally to show off what's now called AT&T Park, and now, ostensibly, to fight hunger.

The teams: Navy and Arizona State

How Navy got here: The Middies started the year in Dublin, Ireland of all places, where Notre Dame sunk them 50-10. They also lost to Penn State and San Jose State early, leaving September with only a win over VMI. Despite the slow start, they went on a tear to end the year on a 7-1 run. Sure it only included three bowl teams (Air Force, Central Michigan, and ECU) and the loss was to 5-7 Troy, but hey, it beats racking up a bunch of losses. The player to watch for Navy is senior RB Gee Gee Greene, who led the team in both rushing and receiving and who might get some NFL attention this spring.

How Arizona State got here: Despite all the eye rolling over how Todd Graham got to Tucson, he did a decent job of stabilizing the program in his first year. The Sun Devils lost to pretty much anyone they played who had a pulse, but they did upset rival Arizona to finish out the season. It could have been worse in a head coach's first year with a young, first year starter at quarterback. The bad news for this game is that passing defense is easily the thing the team does best, but it won't be terribly relevant against Navy's flexbone attack.

College football fans care because: Most folks like to root for service academies, and there's always the chance of an ASU defender flying into full-on ragestorm mode after being cut block over and over and over again. Plus, consider this a make up game for last year's abomination when bad Illinois and UCLA teams attempted to out-apathy each other after both programs had fired their coaches.

SEC fans care because: We support our military, and the fun of making Todd Graham jokes knows no conference boundaries.

Watch this game if...: You like watching the triple option and the inevitable game of fumble pinball that comes along with it.

cocknfire's pick: Arizona State 32, Navy 23

Line: Arizona State by 14