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Watch: Benny Snell gets ejected from Music City Bowl

Because... um...????

If you’re watching the Music City Bowl, chances are you just saw a very controversial ejection.

Benny Snell Jr., the most dynamic of players on the Kentucky Wildcats roster, was one of the shining points of Kentucky’s season. The sophomore back is as good as they come in a loaded SEC, and is arguably the most talented player on the field. Well, was the most talented player on the field. Until a referee intervened and ejected him.

Rules suggest you can’t place your hands on an official, unless you want to be ejected. But, uh, take a look at how this went down.

So, the official offered help, and because Benny refused... that means he was ejected? On the surface, this looks like an absolutely terrible ejection. What exactly is the point of doing that? If you’re the official, in that case, and nothing else happened beyond that, you’ve gotta just let it be.

Did Snell say anything to the referee to warrant the ejection? We’re not gonna know until the end of the game, I guess. Even then, this has #RefShow written all over it.

(h/t Tom Fornelli)