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Introducing More SEC Baseball Writing

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, you are always around baseball and football, being in the heart of the SEC. Playing both helped me fall in love with writing about sports.

MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I played football for a few years when I was younger, but I was too small and was never really good at it. Once I dropped it after middle school, I ramped up baseball activities. Baseball in Georgia is a year-round thing: you got fall ball, winter workouts and bullpens, spring ball, summer ball and then fall ball again.

In my first year starting on varsity in high school, I caught lightning in a bottle and became a pretty decent ball player. Little did I know that continuing to play baseball in high school would lead me to my dream school and future occupation.

As I started playing baseball more, I started watching it more. I would occasionally write game recaps of Atlanta Braves games that I went to on my phone on the way home from the Ted. This turned into writing short breaking news blurbs on my own blogs, which then turned into numerous writing gigs about baseball.

My writing and ability to play baseball landed me at my dream school: Emerson College. Going into my sophomore year, I'm playing on their Division 3 baseball team and majoring in journalism, where it is the top school in the country for that field.

Currently, I write and edit for my own site at called HardballScoop, which I started last May, where we cover the latest news in Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball, in regards to its affects to the major-league teams. I started a few weeks ago wanting to get into college baseball writing and was offered to write for Team Speed Kills after reaching out to them at SB Nation.

I look forward to bringing y'all some quality content at Team Speed Kills, especially with the NCAA tournament right around the corner.