Theoretical - how would these rules affect football?

Just was wondering what real football experts think on these rule ideas from the peanut gallery. Brilliant or awful?

Flagrant Personal Fouls

Whenever a player commits a flagrant personal foul (like the Broncos facemask incident this past Super Bowl) the fouled team is allowed to attempt a technical kick. This kick is from the 30 yard line using a ball holder - the kicker of the team attempting the kick is to be the only player on the field for the attempt and he may set the ball anywhere along the 30 yard line he wishes (to account for wind). The kick if good is worth 2 points. After the kick play resumes as normal. There is no longer a yardage penalty or automatic first down for flagrant personal fouls - the technical kick (patterned after basketball's technical foul shot) is the punishment.

This rule could conceivably be extended to certain team fouls like leaving the sideline.


The current catching rule requires the receiver to have control over the ball. Instead this more objective measure: "A receiver will be ruled to have caught the ball once he touches it with the palms of both hands or tucks the ball between his arm and his body."

The upshot of this for the defense - causing fumbles during pass plays becomes a much more viable tactic. However, see next rule.


If the ball carrier's head is struck such that the player must be removed for concussion protocol the play is dead at the spot where the player was struck.

My idea here is these two go together such that technique on defense is rewarded - strip that ball, where the bludgeon of hitting someone in a dangerous manner is punished by having the play ended even if the ball was dropped. Since the catching rule allows for far more tenuous (under the current rules) catches to be made the defense needs to strip the ball more often.

Pass Interference (sorta)

Not a change to the current rules but an additional one - On a pass play if the ball is touched by players from both teams it remains alive as if fumbled until recovered. If knocked out of bounds before recover the pass is ruled incomplete.

That's all. Just musings and thoughts. I'm not going to claim to know enough about the sport to understand all the ramifications of the above, I'm just curious about it.

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