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Around the SEC (Nov. 7, 2016): Chad Kelly’s replacement, Kentucky blows the water out of Asbury, and the SEC is actually bad

Welcome to the latest edition of Around the SEC.

Today’s edition of Around the SEC is here!

We’ve got an assortment of reads, news and updates for you from around the SBN network, so let’s get started shall we?

Podcasting for Arkansas (Arkansas Fight)

So, I leave the state for a week, and come back to find Arkansas ACTUALLY has a Defense? I found it hiding in San Diego. You’re welcome, America.

Anzalone out for the year (Alligator Army)

Florida linebacker Alex Anzalone broke his left arm in the Gators’ 31-10 loss to Arkansas on Saturday, and is expected to miss the remainder of the 2016 season, according to multiple reports. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Zach Abolverdi was first to report the news on Sunday afternoon, and Gator Country’s Nick de la Torre was among those to confirm it.

No, there was no conspiracy (For Whom the Cowbell Tolls)

Yesterday’s game between Mississippi State and Texas A&M featured some interesting refs. This is a group of guys that had more than their fair share of mistakes, including completely missed a block in the back on Texas A&M’s punt return for a touchdown and a late hit from Leo Lewis on Trevor Knight out of bounds, just to name a couple. These guys just seemed off.

Score 1 for Frank Martin (Garnet & Black Attack)

The South Carolina Gamecocks played the Newberry Wolves in an exhibition matchup on Sunday evening. They would (unsurprisingly) win, 107-89, behind a 34-point effort by Sindarius Thornwell. But Frank Martin might have gotten the biggest win of them all. Meet Ben Herring, a junior on the Newberry baseball team. Ben decided to tweet this gem during the game.

Is there only one word to describe A&M? (Good Bull Hunting)

It’s hard to quit something that you never started. With an opportunity in front of them that most can only dream of, the Texas A&M Aggies went on the road Saturday and turned in one of the worst efforts in recent program history.

The next man up at Ole Miss is... (Red Cup Rebellion)

With Kelly out and the Rebels pushing for bowl eligibility, the coaching staff has a tough decision to make in regards to replacing Kelly: play redshirt freshman Jason Pellerin, or burn the redshirt of highly-regarded true freshman Shea Patterson.

Is there a reason for optimism? (Rock M Nation)

In last week’s takeaways post, I wrote about how fans had gone all the way from optimism to nihilism when it comes to Mizzou. No one has any more delusions of grandeur: this team sucks, and watching them kind of sucks too. But it’s good to take a step back and remember that sports are cyclical. Yes, the Tigers suck now, but eventually they won’t suck, and watching them will be fun for all of us once more. Bill wrote a lovely piece about that earlier this year.

How many wins does Saban REALLY have? (Roll ‘Bama Roll)

After Alabama's 10-0 win on Saturday night, ESPN and the SEC Network trumpeted that the victory was Saban's 200th "Official" win as a head coach. But this is a crock of you-know-what.

Is the SEC a good conference? No. (SB Nation)

This space will not be used to slander Alabama-LSU. Saturday night is about as good as defensive football can be played. The Tide won, 10-0, and two quarterbacks extremely limited in passing skill weren’t able to take advantage of what few opportunities were available through the air. The trump card was what Alabama’s Jalen Hurts did with his legs.

So where’re we going bowling? (SB Nation)

That was the first Saturday of the year to actually follow a College Football Playoff rankings reveal. And the teams at the top of the rankings acted like it. This was partly a scheduling thing, as several top-eight teams weren't exactly facing their hardest challenges of the year, but that group included two top-15 matchups (Alabama over LSU and Ohio State way over Nebraska) and an upset loss by Texas A&M.

Odom heeds words from Muschamp (SB Nation)

“The coaching fraternity” is one of those blanket terms that people toss around as a catch-all, but it is very much a thing to those living in it day-to-day. After his team’s 31-21 win Saturday, South Carolina coach Will Muschamp had some really nice words to say to Mizzou’s Barry Odom.

Kentucky won by HOW MUCH? (A Sea of Blue)

What can you say about a 156-63 win for John Calipari’s star-studded Kentucky Wildcats? For starters, do not try to press this team. Every opposing coach should look at this game and think, “The last thing I want to do is speed them up”. Because if this Kentucky team is allowed to go at their pace, it’s going to be lights out.