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SEC Football Recruiting One Week Out

It's getting down to crunch time.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Just over a week has passed since our last recruiting update, and just over a week remains until the fax machine has its biggest day of the year. Here is where the SEC schools stand in the 247Sports Composite, with the "Change" column signifying the difference in team rank from the last update to this one.

Team Rank Change Players 5-stars 4-stars
LSU 1 - 22 1 17
Ole Miss 4 +1 22 3 10
Florida 6 - 26 0 9
Alabama 7 +3 17 1 9
Georgia 9 -2 15 2 9
Auburn 11 - 17 0 9
Texas A&M 17 +1 19 0 7
Tennessee 21 +1 17 0 7
Arkansas 23 +1 17 1 5
Kentucky 30 -1 24 0 3
South Carolina 31 -1 23 0 3
Mississippi State 44 -1 15 0 1
Vanderbilt 49 +1 17 0 1
Missouri 59 - 14 0 1

Ohio State had some big pickups to challenge for the top spot, but Les Miles held onto it in large part by securing the commitment of 5-star DT Rashard Lawrence. Lawrence had been considering OSU, but—and stop me if this is a shock—the highly rated defensive lineman from the state of Louisiana chose to become a Tiger.

Ole Miss moved up a spot to fourth after capturing two more commits of its own. The headliner of the two was Tre Nixon, a 4-star wideout from Florida. The Rebels also benefitted from an adjustment in the rating of early enrollee Benito Jones, who now counts as a 5-star in the Composite system.

Alabama was the biggest mover, jumping up three spots over the past eight days. The Tide didn't pull off any heroics in terms of number of commits, as it only picked up one player: 4-star DT Raekwon Davis came back aboard after a lot of strangeness surrounding his brief flip to Mississippi State. But Bama did have an enormous weekend of hosting recruits, something that will likely lead to further moves upward in the future.

The only team to drop more than one spot was Georgia, which was net down a player after two decommits outweighed picking up an offensive lineman nicknamed "Moving Train". All players involved were 3-stars, so the blue chip numbers haven't changed.

Plenty can still happen between now and signing day, so all of these ranks are subject to change. And I don't want to say that Mizzou needs to get a move on, but those Tigers are currently one spot in the rankings behind UAB. Remember, now, that the Blazers won't play a game until the 2017 season. Missouri's average player rank is far higher, as it has 14 players committed (one 4-star and 13 3-stars) whereas UAB has 32 lined up (17 3-stars, the rest below). But still, Mizzou: please don't stay behind UAB for much longer.