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SEC Football Week 2 Schedule, TV Times, and How to Watch

We've had worse Week 2 schedules.

Derick E.Hingle-USA TODAY Sports



9:15 p.m. ET

Miss State


Some people might go with Oklahoma-Tennessee as the game of the week, but give me the SEC West's first big showdown. We don't know much about the Bulldogs after their lackluster win on the road at Southern Miss, but we really don't know much about LSU after weather canceled its opener against McNeese State. We also don't know much of anything about how the SEC West will shake out. Here is data point No. 1.


Jacksonville State

Noon ET


SEC Network

The Tigers have some things to work out after the win over Louisville, particularly when it comes to not throwing it to the other team. Jacksonville State is a pretty good FCS team, so it won't just roll over in this one. It's just what the team needs.


3:30 p.m. ET



I'm not sure how this one ended up the CBS game over LSU-Mississippi State, but whatever. Vandy's defense showed real improvement against WKU, at least, but Georgia will stress it in a completely different way. UGA had one of the easier Week 1 wins, so we'll see if this steps up the difficulty level.

Fresno State

3:30 p.m. ET

Ole Miss


Ole Miss had the biggest margin of victory in the conference in Week 1, but a Mountain West team is a couple steps up from UT-Martin. Let's see if Swag Kelly shreds a defense as badly this week as he did last.

Middle Tennessee

4 p.m. ET


SEC Network

It's practice!


4 p.m. ET


SECN Alternate

Brandon Allen quietly had an amazing game last weekend. Two in a row?


6 p.m. ET



This is Tennessee's first big test to see just how far the team has come. It's going to need to play some better defense than it did against Bowling Green to pull off a win. The best news is that if the Vols lay an egg, it won't count against them in the division standings.

Ball State

7 p.m. ET

Texas A and M


That was a pretty great win against Arizona State last week. It didn't really raise too many red flags either. As long as the Aggies can run decently in this one, then I think we can call them more or less fine.


7 p.m. ET

Arkansas State


For the second straight week, an SEC team is playing on the road at a Group of 5 school. Unlike last week, this game won't even appear on traditional TV.

East Carolina

7 p.m. ET



No, you're not going crazy. This matchup sounds familiar because these teams played each other in their 2014 bowl game.


7:30 p.m. ET

South Carolina

SEC Network

Dropping this game would entirely be in character for most of Steve Spurrier's South Carolina teams. Kentucky, meanwhile, is out to prove its close win over ULL was a case of a dominant team falling asleep before the final whistle rather than a sign of real problems.