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Join the TSK Bowl Pick 'Em Group

A tenth of the games involve conference teams.

It's bowl season once again, and that means it's time for a bowl pick 'em group. As with the regular season contest, the group is at Yahoo and is ID #11656. The password is secspeed. Good luck!

And speaking of the regular season contest, yours truly was the winner. I always like doing well, at least, because it reinforces that I do know something of what I talk about around here. I think this is the first time I've won the pick 'em contest, though. This is how the top ten ended up:

  1. Year2, 173-121
  2. Twobits, 165-129
  3. Jeremy Nance, 164-130
  4. Borderline Erotic, 162-132
  5. lsmsrbls, 162-132
  6. Woogie14, 161-133
  7. Joel92dawg, 161-133
  8. jd, 160-134
  9. AUPGH, 158-136
  10. f4cwso, 158-136