This is going to a very serious FanPost. I have been dealing with lots over the past month...Car accidents, family/friends in critical health issues, and now this. I have currently in my inbox about 42-43 death threats, personal attacks...etc. I have felt that I have been nothing but trouble on TSK and other blogs (though if you read my comment on LSU-Ark you may get a feel on to what REALLY went down).

I need you guys to vote on this here. I am closing this down at the end of the week. Vote Yes if you would like me to leave...never come back and comment on TSK ever again (or other blogs). This includes me not posting any more Power Polls or the like. Vote No if you would like me to stay. I will continue to contribute and comment.

As some of you know, my personal problems have been the main reason why this has happened here. Vote...honestly...and maybe you can either let me stay...or get my sorry ass out.

God Bless and have a good week. -Joshua

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