SEC Score Predictions (THE RAZORBACK COMIC WAY!) Week 6


Since we don't have THAT many SEC games...let me show you a former Razorback Gameday Tradition

I need to change my favorite conference to the Sun Belt. The SEC is just CRAZY this year...with NO teams a clear favorite. At least we have a week where we can step back a bit and not have as many crazy upsets. In fact, the only games that I see a VERY LOW chance of an upset is Tennessee/Georgia and Alabama/Arkansas. And those games the underdogs (Tennessee and Arkansas) would need some help from the favorites to have a chance. Mississippi and MSU get cupcakes, and I can't wait to watch Fournette run all over South Carolina in Baton Rouge (Prayers for the South Carolina Population...what a terrible storm that just blew matter how much we love football we love football, we do need to remember what really matters in life...and that is our fellow citizens safety and protection...I will be praying for a quick recovery, safety and for those that lost their lives). Florida vs Missouri COULD be interesting, but I don't see any chance Missouri gets a W against that red hot Florida team (though I said the same thing for Ole Miss v yeah). But you know the drill. Grab them nachos, sit on down and enjoy these SEC Score Predictions! All times Central!


Games No One Cares About (Currently: 5-0...LW: 3-0)

New Mexico YEE-HAW! 0-4 vs Ole Miss Black Bears/Rebels 4-1...11 AM SEC NETWORK

I really don't have much to say about this one...though New Mexico State IS in the Top 10. Of the Bottom 10 of course. Since Ole Miss is playing a spring game here, lets talk about what I need to see. I need to see New Mexico State not score more than 20 points...this defense is loaded with talent and doesn't need to squander big plays and points to New Mexico State. I also need to see the return of that offense...somewhere upwards of 45-50+ points. Is this high? Yes. But Ole Miss did that earlier in the year to teams of this caliber, so if they are going through the motions and win like 31-21 I won't feel very good about this team the rest of the year. New Mexico State 14 Ole Miss 52...Hog Comic (Arkansas vs North Texas 2007): After getting their "ass kicked" (Kliff Kingsbury approves of that message), this is just what the doctor ordered...


TROY!!! 1-3 vs Mississippi State Bulldogs 3-2...3 PM SEC NETWORK

Both Mississippi Schools get the SEC Network game...back to back. They also both have a tasty cupcake after a big loss. Troy may be about 10 points harder than NMSU...similarly Mississippi about 10 better than MSU, but it doesn't matter because Troy=Cupcake. I have the feeling that Dak will have about 300 passing yards in this one...maybe tacking on 50 rushing yards. I really want to see someone from MSU step at running back though...that position is in despair right now. The defense also I need to see improve, so a game against Troy can get confidence back for the Bulldogs on Saturday. TROY!!! 17 Wild Bulls of Dogs at Mississippi State 42...Hog Comic (Arkansas vs Georgia 2010): Other SEC fans beware of this Dog...they may not be great, but if you sleep on them they may come back to bite...though MSU isn't as good as last year...they make a bowl and I like their chances just a little bit against Ole Miss...


No SEC 11 AM/3 PM Upset Specials this Week (Currently: 3-1...LW 1-1)

Yep sorry about that...I don't see any legit ones this time:(...and Tennessee/Georgia is at 2:30...

General SEC Games (Currently: 4-3...LW: 2-1)

Georgia Wounded Bull of Dogs 4-1 vs Tennessee Wounded Smokey Dogs 2-3...2:30 PM C...B...S!

This one is a big one for Tennessee. A win...and you are back in the hunt for the SEC East Title (but Florida)...and a loss? I don't know if this team has the best of chances for even a bowl game with a loss. A win is no talk task either. Though they have home field advantage, Arkansas gashed that defense running. What does Georgia do? Run. This game will be close, but Georgia is going to leave Tennessee at the bottom of the cliff 2-4 (0-3 SEC) in SEC play with Alabama emerging over the horizon. Likewise with Georgia, a win would boost their SEC East hopes...but a loss doesn't really effect my viewpoints on a bowl game. However, I wouldn't feel to good about the Bulldogs later down the road if they lost here. Bulldogs 31 Smokey 21...Hog Comic (Arkansas vs LSU 2014): As with last year in the Arky vs LSU game, one team had a loss to Bama...and another needs an SEC win or BUST...


Fournette (LSU) 4-0-0-1 vs USC (the bad one) Gamecocks 2-3...2:30 PM ESPN "THE OCHO" (okay the regular one)

Brandon Harris is not that good. I have come to that conclusion. Its been 4 weeks of cupcakes (and Mississippi State), and in all 4 he was not very good (the canceled game was his best IMO). However, South Carolina is another chance for him to get better before Roll Tide, Land Shark and Aggieland get after that is the good news. The bad news? He is running out of time to do so. On the South Carolina side of things, the Old Ball Coach is running out of games to become bowl eligible...and they have are dangerously close to hitting the coveted 14 slot on my Power Poll (Vandy was #14 on my poll only by the slimmest of margins). Wouldn't a win over LSU really motivate this struggling squad? I don't know if it is likely, but stranger things have happened (glances at Florida/Ole Miss game...sigh). LSU wins by 2-3 Tds. Fournette/LSU 31 USC (the bad one) (NO GAME)Cocks 13...Hog Comic (Arkansas vs LSU 2013)...Hey...LSU/Arkansas comics are some of the more enjoyable ones that we get to see on Saturday's, and this one describes this game in a nut shell...LSU hasn't played a GREAT team yet, and I bet you the Tigers are probably ready to reveal Fournette to those big boys...a few more games to go...!


Flori---ACHOO Gators 5-0 vs Missouri Tiggers 4-1...PRIME TIME:) 6 PM SEC NETWORK:(

ARE YOU READY FOR PRIME TIME ON THE SEC NETWORK?! Don't let the records fool you...Missouri is NOT that great of a football team. Florida...well Florida. Umm...thanks for showing us that you guys are GOOD...because you didn't look very GOOD against East Carolina and Kentucky...just saying. So...since you can't be GOOD against a lesser opponent, does Missouri have a chance? I don't think so. Missouri may have a good enough defense against an AVERAGE Florida offense (though against Ole Miss they looked VERY GOOD)...but Missouri's offense just has more holes than an old slice of Swiss cheese...and they have to go up against a pretty salty group of Gators. I see this game as being competitive, but Missouri just doesn't have the weapons to get it done. Fluria Gators 21 Tiggers 10...Hog Comic (Arkansas vs Louisiana-Lafayette 2013): Representing the Florida may be alive once again...Missouri is there to try and kill it once again...


SEC GAME OF THE WEEK! (Currently: 4-0 LW: 2-0)


I guess we have a little pattern going...Ark/TAMU "meh" sort of a game that turned into a fun one...Bama/UGA was a great matchup it apperaed until they actually PLAYED each other...and now Its Ark/Bama once again in a game that is sort of "meh" for the game of the week. Its physical vs physical...fat guy vs fat guy matchup that most think could be a blowout. I do as well. However, I really like the direction the Hog defense is going right now...holding Tennessee (who has a decent run game) to less than 25 yards in the 2nd half (:0). Alabama is rolling right now, but they have this game sandwiched right in between the Georgia/A&M slot, so they can't sleep on this Hog team before that game. The 17 point line seems fair...and I don't think this game is actually capable of GETTING WAY OUT OF HAND (52-0)...if the Hogs control the clock. But even with clock control, Arkansas HAS to score on the opportunities...and they have not proven that they can do so really in any game this year. Alabama wins by 17. ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS 17 ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE 34...Hog Comic #1 (Arkansas vs Rutgers 2012): I love this one...its just too funny not to put on here...this was after the Hogs lost to ULM and Bama...




Hope you guys enjoyed the Predictions once again. VOTE IN THE POLL BELOW! Its fun to see what others are thinking...though Nick Saban will get more votes than the Arkansas Team;). Hey also guys comment for suggestions...I have my schedule posted in the previous Power Poll for posts. REC, SHARE, TWEET whatever you please...I appreciate that guys! Speak a piece of your mind too (but be nice)...I am open to suggestions, help or people saying GJ! Leaving you guys with a nice little GIF once again! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! GIF EXPLANATION: WELL, GEORGIA AND ALABAMA...DESCRIBING THAT GAME FOR GEORGIA...Ouch...


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