ANNOUNCEMENT: No SEC Score Predictions This Week (and the Reason Why)


I have a urgent matter to attend too...

I am sorry guys, but this is just too important. I have a family friend who is in the hospital right now, and I am about to leave to go visit him. I was just beginning to write this, but I got the call and will not be posting the Score Predictions this week. I apolgize for that guys...and will post the Power Poll and Score Predictions for the remainder of the year as promised. This is just way to important, and way to urgent. He is a good friend of mine, and I won't get into the details of what exactly happened, but he isn't in the best shape right now. I thank you guys for the continued support, views, shares, and Recs, and hope that you understand this situation that I am in right now.

God Bless and have wonderful Saturday filled with joy, tears and nachos/beer. Go ahead and vote in this poll to tell me who wins the SEC game of the Week! My pick? A&M brings down the Elephant...I am getting BOLD now :)!

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