SEC Score Predictions (THE NICK SABAN WAY!) WEEK 5


Nick Saban's reactions to all the SEC games

An interesting Week 4 of SEC football has concluded...and boy was I off in some of these games. Tennessee/Arkansas is probably going to be a 7 OT game. Alabama/Georgia will be a treat. Auburn/San Jose State will be a nail biter (trust me), and tune into Florida/Ole Miss for what I think will be a better game than most expect. Now I don't know what to think about most of these games, but I know for a FACT that Nick Saban does. He always does. So I brought him in for a little reaction to most of these games, and I have to say it was one of the most interesting sit downs I have ever had with a head coach. So kick back, relax and enjoy those's going to be a wild ride. All times CENTRAL


Games No One Cares About (Currently 2-0)

Eastern Michigan 1-3 vs Leonard Fournette (LSU) 3-0-0-1...6 PM ESPNU

Leonard Fournette faces the worst rush defense in the entire country in Eastern Michigan. If Fournette is going to become a front runner of the Heisman, he needs to have over 250 yards BEFORE THE HALF. And no less. When you face a team like this, you need to take your best players out BEFORE the half. It is absolutely essential Leonard Fournette get to out of there before the half and not get injured. If he gets injured, I am putting the Tigers record at 3 Wins-0 Losses-0 Ties-1 Cancel-1 Lost Fournette...because he is VITAL for the survival of LSU's SEC West Hopes. Eastern Macnationigan 10 Leonard Fournette (LSU) 63....NICK SABAN REACTS: When I watch this LSU team I just chuckle, and then I see Leonard Fournette...and I turn to my defense...and shiver. GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR BOYZ...these LSU FOURNETTE'S ARE NO JOKE...!


Salty Defense 1-3 vs Middle Volunteers 2-2...6 PM CBS(!)Sports Network:(

Poor Vanderbilt. The Quiz Bowl Kings couldn't get the offense going against Ole Miss, but that D DOE. Alabama would probably trade that defense against Ole Miss for the D Vandy had against them (Oh sorry Saban, I forgot you were sitting next to me as I write this). Seriously though, we have Vandy "visiting" Middle Tennessee which will no doubt be dominated by Vandy fans...the "War Memorial" of Vanderbilt. Oh crap...that place is bad. Vandy wins by 3 TDs. Vanderbilt 28 Middle Volunteers 7...NICK SABAN REACTS: Throw me the money Vanderbilt. If you throw me the money, I take the job...Forget this Bama' team. I am too old for this place. Texas sucks. But Vanderbilt I will take...Just throw me the money...


Eastern Kentucky 2-1 vs Kentucky WildkittiesCATS 3-1...6 PM (Wow all the Cupcake Games in the evening...) SEC NETWORK

Officially upgrading the Cats from the kitty of the SEC. That was a nice win (though Missouri looks TERRIBLE this year), and the only thing Kentucky needs to do is not fall flat like they did last year. This sorry excuse for an "in-state" rivalry game is just the thing to get the Cats to 4 wins. Now I have to ask myself, if Vanderbilt and Kentucky can schedule these "in-state rivalries" against these teams...why not Arkansas and UCA at War Memorial...NO...BAD JOSH...NOT AT THAT GOD-FORSAKEN PLACE. Eastern United Kingdom 14 United Kingdom 38...NICK SABAN REACTS: Blessed be the Wildcats for the Heroics against the Tigers of LSU...oh wait...dang its just Missouri...moving on (sniff)...


11 AM/3 PM UPSET SPECIALS? (Currently 2-0)

UCF Slayers 2-2 vs Missouri 3-1...11 AM SEC Network

Oh man. The battle for the 6th place spot in the East takes place this 11AM. So cook up some scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes and watch two teams that either don't have an offense or don't have a defense. It will be a WILD ride. The main reason to watch for a neutral fan is to see how Missouri does without Mauk. I don't think it will be any better as the Tigers lose a generally low scoring game...and yes, I think that is an upset. USC 20 Missouri 17...NICK SABAN REACTS: Spurrier, hear me now...I know we are both Salty Old Men...the trolls of the SEC...worshiped by our fans for many years...but it's time for you [TRANSMISSION ERROR]...STEVE SPURRIER REACTS: HEY SABAN...GOT A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR YOU...I AM SUCCESSFUL TROLL LOLZ...


Auburnnnn 2-2 vs San Jose State 2-2...3 PM SEC Network

You say that I should put this game on "Games No One Cares About?" Ah young grasshopper, this game has every right to be named a potential upset special. Auburn rolls into this one more disappointing than my baseball career was, and that is saying something (jk). San Jose State ISN'T very good, but they are an FBS team...and AUBURNING GUS BUS had to use OT to beat a FCS school. Keep an eye on this one if these two are in a little tussle late. AWW THE GUS BUS IS ON FIRE AUBURNNNN 30 San Jose State 17. NICK SABAN REACTS: To Auburn...from your pal Nick Saban...


General SEC Games (Currently 2-2)

Ole Miss Black Bears/Rebels 4-0 vs Florida 4-0...6 PM on ESPN!

The Swamp will be rocking...the Gators will be pumped...and the tailgates will be starting at 2 AM Saturday Morning. Sounds like the Swamp before the Gators game against Georgia SOUTHERN. This is a classic "trap game" scenario for the Rebels, but I think the voters just made Florida ranked to give this game a little more flavor. That ranking will be gone after this week for the Gators (who actually look like a possible darkhorse for the East). Running Rebels 31 Stuck in their own Swamp Florida 20...NICK SABAN REACTS: I may not show it, but I hate the Rebels. They kicked my ass two straight years and they will probably do it again next year. GO FLORIDA! I don't have a face reaction live for now guys, but I do have a picture with my former friend (that also kicks my ass time and time again). Just can call me a Salty Old Man time and time again, but I made the SELFIE A THING BEFORE IT EVEN WAS A THING...


Mississippi State 3-1 vs Aggie-Land 4-0...6:30 PM on SEC Network (what?!)

The Bulldogs are another team that really shouldn't be ranked until they beat someone good. Beating A&M will certainly make me change my mind. Texas A&M will probably dominate the suspect MSU defense, harass Dak Prescott all game and, contrary to popular belief right now, will win comfortably to me. My biggest question: Since when does two top 25 teams play on the SEC Network...oh wait...#9 USC vs #20 TAMU. MSU 17 Texas A&M 38...NICK SABAN REACTS: Hehehe thanks Arkansas for roughing them up I can continue to get my automatic 3 year beat down revenge games that are REQUIRED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT...because I am Nick Saban...more $$$ for me...


Ar-KANSAS (oh crap the police here in Arkansas are at my house) 1-3 vs Rock Bottom 2-2...6 PM on ESPN "THE OCHO" (2)

The battle of the disappointments at its finest! If you like to see two teams try and lose, by all means watch this all means possible. This game is either going to be a blowout win by either team...or a 7 OT Int, Fumble, FG nail biter. So get out the pistols, shoot yourself in the foot just like these two will...and have a heck of an old time watching Arkansas and Tennessee. Ar-KANSAS 38 Rock Bottom Volunteers 34 (OT)...NICK SABAN LANE KIFFIN REACTS: Hey guys! I am yet another SEC troll...honestly your offense is better off without me...I am not really that great...but hey...I couldn't afford the necessities and Alabama gave me that opportunity...BTW want to see my house...?


SEC GAME OF THE WEEK! (Currently 2-0)


We finally get to the juicy game...and this game has so much on the line for both squads. On one side you see an angry Elephant (94 yards on 72 Plays...:0), the other a snarling Bulldog that may be a little bigger than that angry elephant. Either way you put it, one team is walking away most likely out of the CFP race. Mark Richt always chokes in big games, and Nick Saban simply doesn't. I think that trend will continue on Saturday, but not the usual way where Richt gets his total ass kicked. It should be a hell of a game. ALABAMA 28 GEORGIA 24...NICK SABAN REACTS: You know Georgia is a good team. They have quality players. They have a great coach. But please Richt I beg of you. Please choke again so I can get another bonus...and I don't mean PLEASE I mean you BETTER...THE SABAN HAS SPOKEN! NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE JOSH! GET OUT BEFORE I STUFF YA...BAH HUMBUG!




Anyway guys thanks for coming on here to see another wild SEC Score Prediction from a Fanpost perceptive. I am always up to suggestions...and would appreciate feedback. Comment, Rec, what you must...but remember that the pros at Team Speed Kills also have some score predictions, so check them out. Many thanks everyone! Be sure to tune into the "Ocho" tomorrow before the Hog game...I think they have some tractor racing on!


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