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Topics for Discussion: The SEC East Is Falling Apart Again, While GameDay Picks Its Location

We're also looking for insights on the gap between the two divisions, Todd Gurley's Heisman chances and whether Tennessee or Arkansas is better positioned to make the postseason

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Is there any reason to believe that the worst SEC West team isn't better than the best SEC East team? I'm seriously considering giving the first seven spots on my SEC Power Poll ballot to the teams from the West in some order and the bottom seven sports to the teams from the East in some order. I'm open to arguments as to why I shouldn't do this, but there's very few things I saw this weekend that does anything but confirm the idea that the West is head and shoulders better than the East.

Who's the favorite for the SEC East now? Missouri's comeback win against South Carolina all but ends the Gamecocks' bid for the SEC East. (They would need to go undefeated and the either see Missouri take two more losses or end up in a three-way tie with Mizzou and another team with two losses.) That means that Missouri, Georgia and Florida now control their own destinies. Can the Tigers rebound from the loss to Indiana to repeat as division champions, or is Georgia back in the driver's seat? And what is the likelihood of another upset that upends the standings all over again?

True or false: Todd Gurley is the leading Heisman contender from the SEC right now. Gurley is almost literally the only reason Georgia beat Tennessee on Saturday, and he put together another impressive stat line: 28 carries, 208 yards, two touchdowns. On the season, Gurley is averaging 152.5 yards a game, rushing for 610 yards and six touchdowns on 69 carries. Is it going too far to say he's the leading Heisman contender in the nation? And is there anyone in the SEC who might be able to challenge him?

Which team wins more SEC games this year: Arkansas or Tennessee? Both the Hogs and the Vols pushed teams that were supposedly a rung or two higher on the conference ladder, with Arkansas taking Texas A&M to overtime and Tennessee falling three points short in a barn-burner against Georgia. The remaining conference games for Tennessee are: vs. Florida, at Ole Miss, vs. Alabama, at South Carolina, vs. Kentucky, vs. Missouri and at Vanderbilt. For Arkansas: vs. Alabama, vs. Georgia, at Mississippi State, vs. LSU, vs. Ole Miss, at Missouri. Which one is more likely to make a bowl game this year?

Did College GameDay get it right? Given Ole Miss' victory over Memphis, ESPN's signature pregame show is headed to Oxford for the game between Alabama and Ole Miss. The other contender, had Memphis pulled the upset, was supposedly Mississippi State's showdown with Texas A&M. But which game do you expect to be closer? Is this the year that the Rebels finally beat a contending Alabama team? Can Mississippi State keep its potential dream season alive against Kenny Hill and Co.?