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SEC Media Days 2014: Les Miles vs. Google Translate -- A Guessing Game

Everyone thinks that Les Miles sounds a lot like Google Translate. Let's find out if that's true

Brandon Larrabee / Team Speed Kills

It's become almost a cliche at this point to note that Les Miles sounds like someone took a sentence from another language and then used Google Translate to convert it to English. Year2 made the observation more than a year ago. It's time to put that idea to the test, using Les Miles' presentation Wednesday before SEC Media Days. Borrowing an idea from Garnet and Black Attack, let's run some of Miles' quotes through Google Translate before re-translating them back to English.

But here's the catch: Some of these quotes are from Google Translate and some of them are taken word-for-word from the transcript of Miles' remarks. Except for a couple of changes to punctuation, capitalization and one other change (to an alternate provided by Google Translate), I made no alteration to the translations. How many can you correctly guess?

No. 1:

Leonard Fournette does what it should do. This is in the gym and running and get in great shape. In pursuit of the classroom is a good score. He calmly. Assuming that they are not. He is humble in his approach.

I think that's exactly where it should be. He said he expects himself to be something special. I think if you look at Michael Jordan, could be trained to be Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan took part expected to be better than anyone else.

I think it has a quiet confidence that will benefit there, and I think we will always have the opportunity to play there, runners are cool.

I think that's a plus. If you look at Terrence Magee, we were able to get tired. There were times when he just broke a big run, and took a great touch. Kenny Hilliard had just played. In fact, we're going to need those guys that have fresh legs.

I think you can always count on this kind of us.

No. 2:

We are going to obtain the speed and capacity. When you change the training, the challenge linebacking corps. For us it will be a great team.

In the second year, Tre'Davious White and Rashard Robinson back in the corner. Securities, Corey Thompson and we came out with an injury. Ronald Martin continues to improve, weight, and had a great summer.

I must say that the two foreigners in defense, Jamal Adams and John Battle. Significant roles both the song and I think that for us there.

Special teams, which have combined annual income of the national championship, Bradley Dale Peveto,. We were in field goal H. Colby Delahoussaye 14 13. We missed our kickoff guy, but Trent Domingue, a very decent guy on our team, there's a big leg. Cameron continues to play, and Kyle Pfau.

No. 3:

Yeah, I think it's 24/7, start to finish. When you're telling those players, you want your family to see you, you want to be covered, you want national acclaim, you want to have an opportunity at national awards, if you want to be on television, if there's that opportunity, if you recognize that with the network there should be an income per member that allows that member to serve the student‑athlete at a very, very high level, I think it's just tremendously positive.

We're a society of immediacy. If you can see the coach on TV and if you can see how the practice is, you can see strength and humor, hard work, all the things that fit with the need of the 18‑year‑old college student‑athlete, I think the advantages are having that network. I think the advantages are many.

No. 4:

We love playing at home, there's no question. We enjoy walking down the hill to the stadium. We love the style of the people who come there, because they are closely connected to our football team and has a very tough opponent to get the ball in anger. We understand the benefits.

We also recognize that when you take the group, you play the opponent very high quality, and Wisconsin certainly is the game site neutral, and you are in that plan, you're going to be a challenge, it is a real need to address that challenge that allows the level of performance and allows the level of play you need to start the season.

I think there are some advantages to that. I think Houston is just down the street to us. This is a very high quality place to play and recruiting, too.

Waiting for him. I was in the stadium before. It would be the perfect place. Played very competitive. It should be a lot of fun.

No. 5:

They're talented. They play offense, defense, special teams in a very physical manner. We recognize the challenge. Our program has taken these challenges.

North Carolina, Virginia Tech, great Oregon team. I mean, it's an opportunity for us to raise our level of play and really expect that those freshmen that are going to step to the field, those underclassmen that are now being counted on to show that they can play big roles for the Tigers, that they're ready to do so in the first game.

So we recognize they're a very quality football team, but we'll look forward to the competition, as well.

No. 6:

Yes, we would like these guys are. I continue to work on their approach to be able to see any of our players that they have the NFL back to writing. Patrick Peterson, he could come back (smiles) come.

But the responsibility for hiring coaches saw a void that can happen and we have to hire a void. We must ensure that our recruitment method method of working, we find an athlete with the tools to make something special, as the man who stepped in as a true freshman and development. Although it is not the best, it is definitely something we are not.

Patrick Peterson is a man who works in a vacuum, which was similar.

We would like to have here, in view of the housing and the concept closer to a position where, if you have a third-rounder, you should leave rather than stay and let the first round of the NFL approval and immediately advance their position in the draft every year since the first round. 32 teams will select. They're going to take everything on the table. I would like some of the guys to see.

It is not necessarily better. But we are all working with those guys Young men can. We look forward to what will remain for three years.

No. 7:

I think our conference is a conference of choice. I think there's an opportunity for the very best players to want to play in this conference. I'm also a coach that coached in the Big 12 Conference and recognized the great advantages of Texas, recognized the great advantages of the OUs in that conference.

But you look at a high school athlete, you want to play against the very best, we can make that argument at the SEC.

No. 8:

Oh, no, no, no. It was not just a holiday. I loved it. My daughter does it well. I enjoyed the experience as it is, okay?

But it was not on the beach. It was not a hotel, I went out and jumped into the surf.

But the good news is, as a family, we have some things we've never done. I am glad that he has asked this question (laughter).

Samples. We rented bicycles. It just happened to rain like hell. There were a few mountains to get there. I want to know something. As a father, I'm watching my kids on the slopes. I assure you, some of the experiences I had there, I do not (laughs).

The answers are below.

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