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Les Miles Live Tweeted the Super Bowl as Only He Can

I swear, a lot of his messages sound like they were machine translated from Chinese or something.

Chris Graythen

In the last new football game for a while, the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII last night. A lot of people took to Twitter to discuss the game like it was a big sports bar conversation, and one of them was Les Miles.

With Miles' Twitter feed, you can tell when it's some intern running it and when it's actually him. He's a big fan of exclamation points, and for some reason he likes putting a space between words and his exclamation points. Also, when it's him it sounds like his oft-mangled English. Let's hit some highlights of his commentary last night.

A lot of the time he sounded to me like his words were originally in some other language and then run through Google Translate to English.

See what I mean?

I can understand why, considering how few true weapons on offense he has right now.

# 95 of 49er is Ricky-Jean Francois.

Les loves himself some traditional offense.

I believe Miles just invented the comma equivalent of the ellipsis.

He knew there'd be a comeback. Of course he knew.

Les Miles: fan of Beyoncé's athleticism.

Few people had as much of a sense of urgency over the lighting outage at the Superdome than Les did.

Les Miles: time management guru.

What if is 12-year-old running this feed.. ?

Les Miles: master electrician.

As you well know, Miles prefers a mobile quarterback in the Superdome.

OK, at what point is this insulting to Zach Mettenberger?

You can't tell me this wasn't machine translated from Chinese or something.

...he said as the 49ers entered what was indisputably four-down territory.

We can agree on that.

This one came about 45 minutes after it was over.

Way to Geaux Les Miles!! Please live tweet everything you do ever !