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Report: SEC Network, Comcast Close to a Deal

The cable giant and the conference's channel are closing in on an agreement that could lead to millions of homes getting the network by the time it launches

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

It appears that Comcast and the SEC Network are on the verge of putting together what would be the channel's first major cable deal. Clay Travis -- yes, we know -- is reporting that Comcast expects to have an agreement in place by the time the network launches in mid-August. (HT: SDS)

Comcast spokesperson John Demming told Outkick that the two sides are "working out final details." He also told Outkick, "We expect to come to an agreement in the near future."

Undone deals are by definition not done, but if the two sides do put together a contract, it could be a major coup for the SEC Network. First of all, Comcast itself has 21.7 million subscribers. And it's trying to merge with Time Warner Cable, another holdout, with the combined company providing services to about 30 million people. (That might or might not help Time Warner customers in the short-term.)

It would also continue to apply pressure to DirecTV, with Dish Network and Comcast both offering the SEC Network while DirecTV does not. This hasn't seemed to bother them with the Pac-12 Networks, but as we've noted before, SEC fans and Pac-12 fans aren't exactly the same. DirecTV might have written off some of the fans that will leave, but it's hard to believe that DirecTV won't experience some losses in the South if it continues to hold out. (As Travis points out, DirecTV is scheduled to be acquired by AT&T, so that might eventually become moot as well.)

No word yet on whether the Longhorn Network will ever reach a contract with Comcast. (You're welcome, Texas A&M fans.)