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2014 SEC Baseball Tournament Results: Florida Gators 7, South Carolina Gamecocks 2

Florida picks up a superfluous win as South Carolina once again goes two-and-out in Hoover


So much for the contest between South Carolina and Ole Miss for a possible national seed. With a second straight loss Thursday in the SEC tournament, this one to Florida, the Gamecocks likely lost their chance to host a super regional -- and proved once again that Hoover Metropolitan remains South Carolina baseball's kryptonite.

The game started out promising for South Carolina, which led 2-0 going into the bottom of the third. And that's when things fell apart. Jack Wynkoop got hammered, giving up four hits and getting yanked with two outs in the inning. Cody Mincey didn't fare much better, getting out of the third after three runs had scored but then getting into early trouble in the fourth inning. By the time that frame was done, the Gamecocks' closer was on the mound and the 5-2 lead Florida has looked insurmountable. The Gators would add two more runs later.

What does the win do for Florida? Not much. The Gators are almost a lock for one of the eight national seeds, though an SEC tournament win would make a nice bookend for their regular-season title. South Carolina was the only one of the two teams that needed a win, and the Gamecocks were in the wrong stadium for that.