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SEC Power Poll Ballot After the Games of Week 13

It's almost time to put a bow on the 2014 regular season. Ahead of rivalry weekend, here's how the SEC seems to stack up

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
We all know how this ends: With Alabama winning a national championship 32-20 -- a deceptively narrow score -- over some hapless team that thought it had a chance. Because Nick Saban has to take the fun out of everything.

2. Mississippi State
Feel good to get that out of your system?

3. Georgia
Mark Richt has lost control of Missouri.

4. Auburn
A win in the Terry Bowden Bowl means that the Tigers are ready for Alabama. At least they better be, given the fact that they seemed to be in full-blown look-ahead mode early on.

5. Arkansas
Yes, I feel mildly ridiculous ranking a team that's 2-5 in the conference this high. But there's only one team (Texas A&M) that beat the Hogs ranked below them -- and the Aggies needed overtime to do that. I legitimately think Arkansas would have been a contender in the East this season. I mean, they followed the Missouri formula of losing to Georgia and everything.

6. Missouri
Another game, another win for a team that still feels like it shouldn't be this good. But, at some point, you are what your record says you are.

7. LSU
Beat Texas A&M and win a bowl game, and the Tigers have a nine-win season wrapped up. Which isn't that bad given the way their season has seemed ready to capsize at several points.

8. Ole Miss
There's the Bo Wallace game we've been waiting for all season. But the rest of the Rebels didn't want to leave Wallace alone, so they joined him in the implosion.

9. Texas A&M
A lot has been made of the Chip Brown report that Texas A&M is afraid of playing Texas in a bowl, but let's face it -- A&M is probably afraid to play anybody with a semi-functioning offense in a bowl.

10. Tennessee
"See, that end of game thing isn't as easy as it looks, is it?"--Derek Dooley

11. South Carolina
If the Gamecocks manage to knock off Clemson and get to 7-5 on the season, it will make for the kind of chart that our ancestors will look at centuries later and determine that this football was, indeed, a weird game.

12. Florida
It's been said a number of times this weekend in a number of different ways, but: Will Muschamp has a chance to be the most beloved man among college football fans in every part of America outside of Gainesville this weekend.

13. Kentucky
A win against Louisville might actually make that contract extension seem like it was worth it.

14. Vanderbilt

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. [Source]

Of course, Dylan Thomas never had to deal with being a Vanderbilt football player, so that's easy for him to say.