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Final SEC Power Poll Ballot of the Regular Season

I'm sure about No. 1. After that, everything pretty much falls apart

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
Amari Cooper could probably win the SEC all by himself.

2. Ole Miss
The Rebels almost make Georgia look consistent.

3. Mississippi State
Bad news for you, Bulldogs: I doubt you're going to be in the Top 4 when the College Football Playoff rankings are released.

4. Georgia
Mark Richt has lost control of Georgia Tech.

5. Auburn
Spent the second half of the game watching the Finebaum simulcast, obviously.

6. Missouri
You know, you might want to actually try beating the runner-up in the SEC East race next time.

7. Arkansas
You can't win 'em all. Which is a nice problem for Arkansas to have after the last few years.

8. LSU
Everybody talks about Les Miles going to Michigan, but I think the bigger challenge might be an offer from Colorado State. Everyone knows they've legalized grass there.

9. Texas A&M
Now we find out if it was just Johnny Manziel or if Kevin Sumlin can coach at the SEC level.

10. Tennessee
You managed to score one more touchdown than an offense coached by Karl Dorrell. Think about that.

11. South Carolina
Steve Spurrier's coming back for at least one more year. Now, if only he could learn when to run the ball, not that it would have helped that much against Clemson ...

12. Florida
Hoping that the next coach will use a battering ram on the door to the SEC East title.

13. Kentucky
There are apparently some things that haven't changed about Bobby Petrino at Louisville.

14. Vanderbilt
It's finally over.