Is the SEC Over?


For the first time in four seasons, the SEC won't have four 11-win teams. It very easily could have only one. Alabama is 11-1. Missouri and Mississippi State are 10-2.

The best running backs in the FBS play in the Big Ten. The best quarterbacks are in the Pac-12. So are the best defensive linemen. The ACC skunked you 4-0 last Saturday. The Big 12 is the only conference with a chance of putting two teams in the playoff. ...

The league spent the season beating up one another. Parity can be a wonderful thing. The NFL wouldn't exist without it. But parity is another word for pretty good, and pretty good is a saddle that hasn't weighed the SEC down in a while.

Ivan Maisel

We'll deal with this more fully after the bowl season, but since the topic is already coming up, what say you? Is the conference supremacy argument gone for a while? Or is everyone overreacting to one bad weekend?

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