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Rumors: Nebraska Talking to Bret Bielema About Head Coaching Job

It could be nothing, but there's a lot of smoke around the possibility of BERT moving to Lincoln

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for Arkansas fans and everyone who likes coaches who speak their minds to get a little bit worried. It looks like Bret Bielema, the ever-outspoken BERT, might be negotiating with Nebraska to take their head coaching job, according to the often-reliable Even with the generally good track record of FootballScoop, caution would generally be advisable in these situations. But then some more smoke came along.

There are a few things to keep in mind about all of this. First of all, "serious talks" could mean a lot of things -- though it certainly doesn't sound good for Arkansas. Second, this could be a play for more money after Bielema led the Hogs to their first bowl season since Bobby Petrino left. And finally, Bielema has recently indicated he isn't looking to leave Fayetteville.

Of course, we've all heard comments like this from head coaches, only to see them leave a few days later. Up until now, Bielema has been a prime example of candor in a profession often devoid of it -- and that's the one thing that Arkansas fans have to give them hope that they can avoid a coaching search of their own.

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UPDATE: Bielema responds (kinda), and a new hashtag is born #allhog