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Report: Six More Student-Athletes Involved in Sex-Crimes Investigation

There's still a lot we don't know about this, but it's getting worse for Vanderbilt

As if the sex-crimes investigation at Vanderbilt that resulted in the suspension of four football players isn't bad enough for Vanderbilt, it now looks like the case could include even more student-athletes. According to WKRN in Nashville, which is very insistent that it was the first to cover the story, six more Vanderbilt athletes are "under investigation."

Now, we're going to be very careful about any kind of speculation around here, because we flat don't know what's going on. But if this is true, the careful wording here could indicate either a very cautious reporter or the possibility that some of those athletes are not football players.

Either way, it now looks like whatever happened was likely very horrific, and it looks like the damage to Vanderbilt's reputation could be immense. Again, if this is true. We can't stress that enough. We don't even know for a fact what "it" is, but if it involves a proven crime and 10 student-athletes, there's going to be a steep price to pay.