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SEC Tournament: LSU 3, Arkansas 1 -- The Hogs Eliminated, Let the Debate Begin

The Razorbacks' run through the SEC baseball tournament has thrust them into the middle of the regional hosting discussion. But that run ended Saturday

PodKATT of And The Valley Shook

In many ways, this baseball game was not about LSU. Sure, the Tigers had five pitchers combine for one hit, the hit coming (oddly enough) after the sole Arkansas run had crossed the plate. And, yes, LSU now gets an opportunity to play for the SEC tournament championship against Vanderbilt, from all appearances as of this writing.

But this was a game more about Arkansas. Had the Razorbacks won this game, there would have no room for anyone to try to deny the Hogs the opportunity to host a regional. The odds are still pretty good that Arkansas will edge whomever they need to edge to get a series in Fayetteville, but a win against LSU would have locked it down.

That debate will now be joined on all sides. I'm putting together a post for tomorrow that I'm relatively sure will make the case for Arkansas and South Carolina to get in, while the fashionable Virginia Tech is left out. But the only people whose opinions really matter are those who serve on the selection committee, and they are not talking.

Whether they host or travel in their first series of the NCAA tournament, this week has proven that the Razorbacks are one of the more dangerous teams in the country right now. LSU just happened to be a bit better on Saturday.

Even if the game really wasn't about them.