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High School Coach Says Rambo Suspension Could Land Him in NFL Supplemental Draft

Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald got a hold of Bacarri Rambo's high school coach Alan Ingram, who then supplied some information on Rambo's two suspensions. It sounds like Rambo needs to get some better, less-high friends.

The first suspension that put him on ice for the 2011 Boise State game stemmed from a police officer discovering that a passenger in the car Rambo was driving had a marijuana joint after he was pulled over for speeding. Upon confessing that incident to Mark Richt, he got the suspension. This second one comes from a recent spring break trip to Panama City where he ate some pot brownies that he didn't know were spiked. Ingram vouches for Rambo, saying that plenty of kids he talks to say that Rambo isn't a smoker.

Rambo is facing a four-game suspension per Georgia's drug policy, but he's appealing it. According to Ingram, Rambo is considering entering the NFL Supplemental Draft if the four-game ban holds. It would be bad enough for the Bulldogs' 2012 campaign to lose Rambo for the first four games, which include contests against Missouri and Vandy, but it would be even worse to lose him entirely. We'll keep the updates coming as they become available, but UGA is not commenting on the situation and probably won't for a while.