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Sprints is Trying to Tell the Difference Between James Franklin and James Franklin // 03.20.12


(BB: NIT) MTSU 71, Tennessee 64
It has not been the greatest of Marches for men's teams from the Volunteer State.

(WBB: NCAA TOURNAMENT) Tennessee 63, DePaul 48
Is there anyone in the SEC without a team in the tournament who's not rooting for Pat Summitt? (Don't answer that.)

(WBB: NCAA TOURNAMENT) Kentucky 65, Green Bay 62
Brett Favre came out of retirement for this game.

(WBB: NCAA TOURNAMENT) South Carolina 72, Purdue 61
A South Carolina team that actually knows how to win basketball games and stuff. Stanford is next.

(WBB: NCAA TOURNAMENT) Texas A&M 61, Arkansas 59
Because there are no more Big 12ish games for them to play, we're going to go ahead and count this one as an SEC win.


James Franklin to have surgery on right shoulder
No, the Vanderbilt head coach didn't go angrily swinging his fist and end up injured -- this is the Missouri quarterback James Franklin. Now that Missouri is for all intents and purposes an SEC team, we're going to have to find a way to tell the two apart.

In any event, the Missouri Franklin is not expected to miss any of the season with his injury, just spring practice. Which isn't exactly ideal for the centerpiece of the other other Tigers' offense -- man, this is going to be confusing -- but things could be worse.

Bruce Ellington might not be done with football just yet
He would certainly be a nice piece for the Gamecocks to have on offense.

The leaks begin


Baseball America Top 25
Kentucky is the only undefeated college baseball team in the nation and sits at 21-0. The Wildcats are ranked 16th. Which would be that bad, were it not for the fact that the 15-4 South Carolina team that just got swept by Kentucky is No. 8. Football turns out to not be the only sport with wonky polls.

LSU-Southern baseball game will be played today
Just to update our earlier item on Around the Bases -- a change because of weather.

Peyton Manning finally beats Florida
The former Tennessee quarterback and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback is headed for Denver, where the resident signal-caller is a guy you might have heard of, Tim Tebow.

At some point, I'll have a lot more to say about Tebow and his trip through the NFL so far. (Really, there's a big post in the works once I have about an hour or two to write it.) But I still think that Tim Tebow can be successful in the NFL. He has to be in the right place to succeed, though, and I'm just not sure that there is a team in the NFL willing to give him that chance. Wherein lies the problem.

But I would also hesitate to knock Denver too hard for going with Manning. It would be hard for all but maybe -- maybe -- 10 teams in the NFL to go even for an older, reconstructed Peyton Manning. The guy's won a Super Bowl, has multiple MVPs and is one of the most prolific quarterbacks in league history. Not to mention being one of the most marketable players in all of sports.

Tebow will land somewhere eventually. Hopefully where a general manager and a coach are committed to building a system where he can succeed.

But probably not. They call it the "No Fun League" for a reason. And it's a copycat league because there are very few innovators left.