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Sprints Is Mostly Focused on Football // 02.28.12

It must be the offseason if Will Lyles is on the radar.

Oregon received its Notice of Allegations over the Will Lyles scandal we all know and love (to hate) from last year. Many of the violations stem from Lyles running the world's worst recruiting service that broke some recently enacted NCAA rules. Notably missing is an NOA for LSU from its dealings with Lyles. I don't expect to see one either, given that the situation there was materially different than the one at Oregon.

If this isn't an automatic dismissal, I don't know what is.

Kentucky linebacker Ridge Wilson has been dismissed from the team after a felony drug arrest on Sunday. He was caught with a bag of Xanax and almost $2000 in cash in an area "known for drug trafficking and use". He apparently kept mentioning that he played football for UK, presumably hoping that would get him out of trouble. Not only did it not work, but he doesn't have that status anymore.

It's about time.

ESPN's Chris Low thinks that 2012 will be a resurgent year for SEC quarterbacks. I would sure hope so, as last year wasn't exactly a tremendous year at the position in the conference.

WOOOO SEC speed! has a running storystream on the NFL combine 40-yard dash results. Jordan Jefferson was the third-fastest quarterback, and Chris Rainey tied for second-fastest running back (no, he's not a wide receiver, folks).

May madness?

If no one but the diehards pays attention to college basketball until after football is over, should the NCAA just move college basketball back so that it starts after football? Bill Connelly takes a look.

Nope, this matter isn't over just yet.

The Big 12 board of directors has finally agreed to terms on the buyouts for Texas A&M and Missouri, although the remaining member schools still have to approve them. No word yet on the exact price.