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Here Is Reportedly Auburn's Short List for Replacing Chizik

Charles Goldberg of has compiled what amounts to Auburn's short list of candidates for replacing Gene Chizik. The way he phrases it is this:

Auburn's search for a new football coach may be focused on three former assistants at the school who, at least through their representatives, have not cut off potential communication with the university.

Saying they "have not cut off potential communication with the university" sounds like "So you're telling me there's a chance?" territory to me, but it does mean they haven't given a firm and definite "no" just yet.

The three former assistants are names we've already listed as possible candidates: Bobby Petrino, Jimbo Fisher, and Gus Malzahn. Petrino and Malzahn are obvious candidates for anyone paying attention, and Fisher isn't a surprise name if you've paid attention to the rumor mill.

Goldberg has also listed TCU's Gary Patterson as "a player in the search", which also fairly well describes him from Arkansas's standpoint as well. Other names that are on the list but about whom Goldberg doesn't report any activity around are Boise State's Chris Petersen and Louisville's Charlie Strong. In other words, it's the usual suspects for open SEC jobs.