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BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock Will Executive Direct College Football Playoff

The leader of the old bowl system will be leading the new bowl system. Change we can believe in?

Andy Lyons

Remember the totally radical and completely new college football playoff? The one that's going to not really at all be the BCS except for having the same games? Add the same executive director to that list. (HT: Blutarsky)

"Bill Hancock is exactly the right leader to guide this exciting and historic transition to the new college football playoff," Charles W. Steger, president of Virginia Tech and chairman of the Presidential Oversight Committee said in an official release. "He shares our commitment to student-athletes, the importance of the regular season, and preserving America's college football bowl tradition. The Presidents, Commissioners, and all of us who care deeply about this great game are very pleased that Bill will continue to serve."

Of course, much of Hancock's experience was waging war against the idea of a college football playoff until the BCS leaders decided they wanted a college football playoff -- but most of the college football establishment experienced the same change of heart as Hancock around the same dollar figure time.

The new entity as of yet doesn't have a name. But beyond the idea of a essentially tacking on a plus-one, adding a couple of bowls and locking the Big East out of an auto-bid -- all changes that you could more or less justify -- the new BCSish structure is starting to look quite a bit like the old BCS. This just adds more evidence to the case: The same folks are still in charge.