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So Marcus Lattimore's Coming Back to South Carolina?

Maybe. Let's wait and see before we go drawing too many conclusions from a second-hand statement we're hearing before he's fully recovered

Mike Zarrilli

Marcus Lattimore says he's coming back to play football at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier says. You'll notice that doesn't say "Marcus Lattimore says" at the end, but details.

And even after the horrific scene from Saturday, Lattimore appears to be holding out hope that his football career at South Carolina isn't over.

"The message he gave me was, 'I'll be back,'" South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said. "So he's coming back."

Of course, we've seen college players make emotional statements that they'll be back all the time, only to see them change their mind when they start hearing seven- and eight-figure contracts attached to their names. And for this South Carolina fan's money, Lattimore's best bet would be to head to the pros this year if he's physically able to do so.

But having No. 21 back on the field in 2013 or 2014 would be welcome to any South Carolina fan, whether it's the best decision for him or not. Better to wait and see, though, what Lattimore thinks the best decision is once he's had time to think about it.