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Marcus Lattimore Didn't Break Bones, Will Return to Football, University Release Says

The official team update appears to be as good as it possibly could be for Lattimore

Kevin C. Cox

South Carolina has now put out an official update on Marcus Lattimore's leg injury during Saturday's game against South Carolina. The highlight is that Lattimore apparently did not break his leg during the game, which would have been one of the worst possible injuries as far as his odds of returning to football.

The ensuing hyperextension of the knee resulted in injury to several ligaments. There were no fractures or additional injuries, according to team physician Dr. Jeffery Guy.

Of course, the extent of the "injury to several ligaments" will still be key in how quickly and fully Lattimore is able to recover. But given the gruesome nature of the injury Saturday, and the certainty that some people had that it would be far worse than this, it's encouraging.

There's one more bit of encouraging though incredibly vague news.

Marcus has already begun the process of prehabilitation prior to surgery and to his eventual return to football

It's way too early to speculate intelligently about whether Lattimore will be able to run at the combine, a critical step if he's going to head to the NFL next year. For now, we'll have to content ourselves with knowing that the injury won't end his career, and that's a fair amount to get out of day one.