Andy Staples Takes a Hard but Fair Look at Oversigning


SI's Andy Staples took a hard but fair look at oversigning in his column today. It's not surprising that the SEC is discussed in detail given that everyone in the conference except Vanderbilt, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida have averaged more than 25 signees per year over the last half decade. He also includes a chart of the count of signees for all I-A programs over the last five years. What surprised me is that half of the top ten biggest signers are in the states of Alabama and Mississippi. The only schools outside the Southeast in the top ten were Temple and JUCO transfer enthusiast Kansas State. Speaking of, one thing that Staples didn't do that I wish someone would is adjust the signing numbers for JUCO transfers. Some of the programs signing the most players are also ones that sign a lot of JUCO and prep school transfers. I'd like to see someone adjust the signing numbers so that transfers with two years of eligibility count as 0.5 and three years left as 0.75.