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Sprints Wouldn't Hire Lane Kiffin to Coach a Flag Football Team, But Southern Cal Would // 01.13.10

Does he even mean anything that he says?
Boy Wonder:

"This was not an easy decision," he said in a brief press conference on Tennessee’s campus. "I really believe this is the only place I would have left here to go."

He was reported to have taken the job less than eight hours after the news that Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio decided to stay in Florida. How hard could the decision have been?

When did Tennessee move to Morgantown?
The riot included 800 protestors and burning furniture.

Knoxville Burning
Rocky Top Talk has photos from Tennessee after the announcement.

Recruiting effects
How ironic would it be if Boy Wonder ended his Tennessee career by destroying the Vols' recruiting class?

You gon' be followin' us ta de Soudern Cal
Stay classy, Kiffin and Co.

Former Tennessee recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron has contacted multiple UT mid-term enrollees and encouraged them not to attend class today so that they can easily leave UT and enroll at Southern California, multiple sources told the News Sentinel.

Wow. Just when you thought that college recruiting couldn't possibly become a more back-stabbing business.

Ole Miss among those who might win recruiting battles
'You wanna play for a crazy coach but the crazy coach up there in Knoxville left so now you need a new crazy coach to play for! I'm your crazy coach who will never leave and will stay crazy forever! GIGGITY!!!'

Mike Hamilton probably shouldn't be seen in public right now
But he will be after making the only kind of statement you can in this situation.

We have already begun a search for the new head football coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and we'll complete this process as quickly as possible to put the right person in place to lead our great football program forward in the months and years ahead.

Years. Plural. Probably a good idea to focus on that right now.

A man named Kippy
The man in Knoxville who benefited most from this is Kippy Brown, the new interim head coach of the Vols after being on campus for less than a month.

"Kippy Brown, who has been a critical piece of our success in years past, will serve as interim head coach until this process is completed."

Years past. As in, 15 years ago.

Now make sure you're not on the rebound
Will of Rocky Top Talk says Tennessee was Boy Wonder's "rebound girl."

Whatever good shape we were in on Monday, by his own hand Kiffin changed the entire situation for the worse on Tuesday. For the much worse. Our recruiting class could go from Top 10 to Top 100 overnight, and those effects could last for years. ...

I hurt plenty over Fulmer's departure, even when change was necessary. I will not hurt for an infant who sold out his team at the absolute worst possible moment. Because while we think about Tennessee, Lane Kiffin thinks only about Lane Kiffin.

Southern Cal fans best hope they don't find out the same thing.

Doubt sets in for Joel
Rocky Top Talk's leader and one of the best Tennessee bloggers around (and I'm not just saying that because he's my blog boss) ponders what this means about the Vols and Boy Wonder.

How could he do this to us? Why should we have to start over two years in a row? Was everyone right about this guy?

Yes, but that's generally how it goes with this things. No matter the fan base.

Isn't that usually a question reserved for mid-majors or middle-tier BCS programs?
Conquest Chronicles, the great Southern Cal blog on the SB Nation, weighs in.

Kiffin brings some familiarity to the [other] USC football program. He knows the landscape, he knows the tradition and he can recruit. What remains to be seen is if he can coach.

Let's consider that for just a minute. The program that might very well have been the most successful of the last decade is hiring someone, and "[w]hat remains to be seen is if he can coach." Good job there, Southern Cal.

And then there were none
Dawg Sports notes that Boy Wonder has now brought all the warring SEC fan bases together.

When the work week began, eleven out of twelve SEC football fans knew exactly who and what Lane Kiffin was. ...

A disgruntled American supposedly wrote to Herbert Hoover on the eve of the 1932 election: "Vote for Roosevelt and make it unanimous!" Well, Southeastern Conference football fans have achieved unanimity.

Leave it to the Mayor to make a completely valid connection between Boy Wonder and Herbert Hoover.

Tony Barnhart clearly does not listen to ESPN enough
He blasts Boy Wonder and also says something that ESPN would tell him is clearly counterfactual.

Lane Kiffin’s bolt for USC just three weeks away from National Signing Day surprises me. It also makes me sad. This is not a good night for college football. ...

The Tennessee people will not understand because USC is simply not a better job. It’s in California, which is more suited to Kiffin’s personality, but it is not a better job by any measure.


Is Ron Zook really young?
Alligator Army actually seems to have lost respect for Boy Wonder, if that's possible.

What Kiffin is doing, leaving in the middle of the night and taking Daddy and his big bully, is the lowest of low. Three weeks out of National Signing Day is terrible. ... I don't blame UT fans for chasing him down with pitchforks and torches.

Coaches leave schools every day, but it seems like this is especially insane. If Kiffin can go back to USC after one season, his heart was never really in it in Knoxville.

He also offers a recommendation for leading Tennessee. No, I won't tell you that it's [REDACTED].

No, Tennessee is the real UT ... but I digress
It was bad enough that the other USC is going to be referred to as USC in this story, but Texas is opening up its battle for initials. In any case, they say Will Muschamp is staying in Austin. Because fan bases often think their coach is about to leave before he does.

He's learned how to laugh
Urban Meyer's football coach is apparently becoming more human, as his potential reaction to the Lane Kiffin reports shows.