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SEC releases full 2020 football schedule

Whether we play the games or not, we know how things are set up.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 New Mexico State at Ole Miss Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The SEC released its full 2020 football schedule on Monday evening. After the Week 1 schedule was revealed on The Paul Finebaum Show early Monday afternoon, the rest of the schedule was dropped a few hours later. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead.

Week 2

Texas A&M vs. Alabama
Arkansas vs. Mississippi State
Auburn vs. Georgia
South Carolina vs. Florida
Ole Miss vs. Kentucky
LSU vs. Vanderbilt
Mizzou vs. Tennessee

Week 3

Alabama vs. Ole Miss
Arkansas vs. Auburn
Florida vs. Texas A&M
Tennessee vs. Georgia
Mississippi State vs. Kentucky
Mizzou vs. LSU
South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

Week 4

Georgia vs. Alabama
Ole Miss vs. Arkansas
Auburn vs. South Carolina
LSU vs. Florida
Kentucky vs. Tennessee
Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State
Vanderbilt vs. Mizzou

Week 5

Alabama vs. Tennessee
Auburn vs. Ole Miss
Mizzou vs. Florida
Georgia vs. Kentucky
South Carolina vs. LSU

Week 6

Mississippi State vs. Alabama
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M
LSU vs. Auburn
Kentucky vs. Mizzou
Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt

Week 7

Tennessee vs. Arkansas
Florida vs. Georgia
Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi State
Texas A&M vs. South Carolina

Week 8

Alabama vs. LSU
Arkansas vs. Florida
Auburn vs. Mississippi State
Georgia vs. Mizzou
Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky
South Carolina vs. Ole Miss
Texas A&M vs. Tennessee

Week 9

Kentucky vs. Alabama
LSU vs. Arkansas
Tennessee vs. Auburn
Florida vs. Vanderbilt
Mississippi State vs. Georgia
Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M
Mizzou vs. South Carolina

Week 10

Auburn vs. Alabama
Arkansas vs. Mizzou
Kentucky vs. Florida
Georgia vs. South Carolina
LSU vs. Texas A&M
Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss
Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt

Certain sanctities were preserved, such as rivalry week being held for the ‘final’ week of the regular season for The Iron Bowl, Arkansas-Mizzou, LSU-A&M, The Egg Bowl and Tennessee-Vandy. Other than that, we’ve got ourselves quite the mish-mosh here. As one should have really expected, given everything else that’s going on in the world right now.

We’ll ultimately see if this season’s even finished. But hey, at least we might have something to look forward to. Keyword: Might.